CSS for remote line on voice router behind E1

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Jul 25th, 2009


I want to know how can i apply a CSS for analog lines that are not declared on my Call Manager.

Here is the situation :

I have one remote site (1) which has been migrated with IPPhone, and we also put a SRST gateway. I have another site (2) wich have a voip configuration but only analog lines. 2 is connected by IP to 1 site, and the 2 routers of this link have a h323 voip configuration.

All line in site 2 are declared on the router, and phones are connected to FXS port. The router in 1 (R1) is connected with an E1 to a PABX.

The call manager have a route pattern for the number 444X. So all communication to site 2 are directed to the old PABX.

What i want :

I want to migrate the two E1 wich are :

- one from "Call Manager" and the PABX of site 1

- one from the PABX to the router that have interconnexion to site 2

What i plan to do :

- migrate the E1 from PABX to R1, and configure it from SRST to R1.

With the only thing to create a new partition for site 2, new route list/group, and modify the route pattern 444X to the new E1.

The problem :

how can i apply a different CSS for lines that are declared on site 2. Ex : How can apply the international ability for 4441 and only local calls for 4442 ?

I hope my description is clear...


how can i configure

I have this problem too.
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jcal133378 Thu, 07/30/2009 - 10:01

Just leave the CSS on the line set to and only configure the CSS on the phone. When a CSS is on a device and on a line, CallManager combines the two CSS and looks for the best match across both of them. When equally good matches occur, the device's CSS is preferred.

For the Device CSS, you can add individual route patterns to the partitions for each dialing destination. So there is a Local, long distance, international, etc, route pattern routing calls to the local gateways. For the default Line CSS, you can add route patterns which BLOCK all of these destinations, with the exception of emergency calls etc.


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