NSS2000 as a webserver?

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Jul 25th, 2009
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Hi there everyone, well I like to ask to the community if somebody already tried to make a webserver from the NSS2000 or another family member of this NAS.

I'm looking just to know if this is possible or it's just better to take another option even if is not a Cisco one.

I really appreciate all your information and support.

Thanks, good luck and have a great weekend!

Rodrigo Castillo

[email protected]


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Steven DiStefano Sun, 07/26/2009 - 14:29
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The NSS2xxx,3xxx,4xxx,6xxx are intended to be used for the small business requirements of hosting file shares (CIFS, NFS, FTP) for the SMB.  We apply it in a few different ways and with some other components:

Storage for Video Surveillance - Either local or remote (VPN preferred or otherwise port forwarding with manual authentication and IP filering)

Storage for Cisco CDP-F (Continuous Data Protection for Files) for Client PCs in the SMB

FTP server for the SMB (authenticated and anonymous FTP access from LAN or WAN)

I have not heard of a WebServer application, but maybe its just symentics.  Please share what exactly you are trying to accomplish?  What is the business requirement you are trying to fulfil?  Tell us more about the technical implementation and we may be able to say whether its supported or not.

Steve D

SE  US Field Channel Sales team

cyprocasdf Sun, 07/26/2009 - 23:15
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Hi there and thanks for your answer, so about the NSS2000 as a webserver question, my interest is about how to use the NSS unit to temporary storage and host files (mostly images) and share those files via FTP for intranet and internet, but I need to build a basic interface based on HTLM/PHP to create a small website or webpage to welcome the user, then validate the user access (with username and password) to redirect to the right section (folder) of hosted files (thumbnails of images made for identification and catalog) and then download some files if needed (images 40~100MB) via FTP.

I have another options different from Cisco to develop my project with software and hardware (open source software/hardware and manufacturers' software/hardware), but I like to try this with a Cisco device before try everything else.

I'm not thinking about a server as is (a big and expensive computer), because now there are so many options with micro-ATX and mini-ITX to do simple tasks like my project, I mean per example: I can use a mini-ITX board (with optional dual lan, SATA RAID board and a 5 HDD Hot-Swap sub-rack) to build a simple NAS with an integrated webserver, everything using open-source Linux based software; But I like to try some manufacturers options because some actual NAS has already support for webserver (HTML, PHP, MySQL) built-in, so that's what I'm looking for with a Cisco NSS device.

I really appreciate all your information and support.

Rodrigo Castillo

[email protected]

Steven DiStefano Mon, 07/27/2009 - 05:35
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Great feedback.   I am looking for the PMs help now,

but a couple more questions please...

- How many maximum simultaneous connections (need both from WAN and LAN side (FTP WAN and CIFS/NFS LAN is assumed)?

- NSS can integrate with Active Directory.  Is this where your user names will be sourced?   NSS also allows you to build your own groups and users with access privelidge for shares.

- The NSS runs on a linux OS under the covers and we dont expose the shell for customization so not clear if that is an issue for your proposed design?


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