WET200 compatibility problem with TD-W8920G using WPA or WPA2

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Jul 24th, 2009

I bought a WET200 to bridge from my existing AP to some hardwire-only equipment in another room.  I can only get it to bridge traffic when I set wireless security on the bridge and AP to "Open or "WEP"  When I try to use WPA-PSK or WPA2-PSK (set on both), the bridge fails to pass traffic. I have already tried the latest firmware

The AP is a TP-Link TD-W8920G (set to 54 mode), it works fine talking to my other wireless equipment using WPA and WPA2

Can anyone shed some light on this -Have I wasted my money?  Do I need to replace my AP?

I have this problem too.
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David Hornstein Fri, 07/24/2009 - 13:13

Hi Brett,

The  TD-W8920G seems like a interesting box for the price, what can you really expect from that router.

You are at least getting WEP working between these low cost units.

If you really want strong encryption, buy two WEP200's for bridging and let the TD-W8920G act as a AP and router.

brettwcox Mon, 07/27/2009 - 01:46

Hi Dave

   I know the existing AP is cheap (its for private use after all), but in WPA and WPA2 PSK modes it works fine with everything else  :  kodak wireless picture frame, epson printer and a laptop, just not the relatively expensive cisco bridge.  I am not keen to spend more money on another Cisco/Linksys device just to find out if it works.  I would hope Cisco would want to know why its not compatible just to rule out a problem in the firmware.    Is there any way to escalate this issue?

brettwcox Tue, 07/28/2009 - 02:07

Thanks Dave

  I couldnt find how to contact support.  I took your advice and lodged a case.  So far, there is a similar issue affecting WPA2 when using a WET200 to bridge a WRT54G router that is being investigated.  Hopefully they will find something in the WET200 firmware that also fixes my problem.

Voltron-IU Fri, 02/12/2010 - 14:36

Hello, Brett:

Please forgive me if I have already contacted you, regarding compatibility issues with the WET200; I have been contacting everyone I can, in order to try to get this issue escalated with the Cisco firmware development team, as this appears to be a larger issue than they are willing to acknowledge.  For over 2.5 years, I have been, successfully, using the WET200, with WPA2 encryption, connected to a 2Wire 2701HG-B gateway, from AT&T.  Then, in September of 2009, AT&T push-installed a firmware update to the 2701HG-B, updating my 2Wire firmware from version 5.29.47 to and breaking my wireless connection to my WET200.  Since that time, all avenues of troubleshooting have been unsuccessful in reestablishing the wireless connection between my WET200 and the 2701HG-B.

During this time, I have been able to reach a few people with Cisco who have been friendly; however, they have indicated that Cisco cannot guarantee compatibility with EVERY piece of hardware.  As I just indicated to them, AT&T has widely deployed the 2701HG-B and it does not seem to be wild request that AT&T, 2Wire, and Cisco work out this hardware/software incompatibility.  Additionally, other Cisco employees have indicated that Cisco can't guarantee WET200 compatibility with non-Cisco equipment.  Searching on these forums will prove that this problem is much more widespread and even includes other Cisco-branded equipment, such as is the case with your incident, Brett.  I have also read that Cisco can't guarantee WET200 compatibility with the home-based line of products, as opposed to the small-business product line.  This argument, I feel, is completely unacceptable and I would greatly appreciate other peoples' comments on this particular issue, especially if they have experienced this same WET200-based compatibility issue.

In the end, Brett, what did you end up doing, to rectify your situation?  Were you ever able to make the WET200 connect to your network?  I would greatly appreciate any information you and others are able to provide.  Thank you.



brettwcox Fri, 02/12/2010 - 14:59

Hi Dylan

  No - never got it working with encryption.  I could only get it working with encryption off.  My WAP is not a cisco, so I didnt have any luck getting the engineers to take it seriously, however there were others who have posted on this forum who did have a Cisco brand WAP that would not work with the WET200.  Since I first posted on here, there have been no firmware upgrades, so I assume Cisco is not really interested in supporting it any more.

In short, I never got it working (securely).  My requirement was not business critical, so I have just put it back in its box, hoping a patch will come out one day that will fix it.  In hindsight I should have returned it for a refund, but its a bit late now.  Maybe I can flog it on ebay to someone with a compatible WAP.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Voltron-IU Fri, 02/12/2010 - 19:51

Hello, Brett:

I appreciate your quick response, especially since this post is fairly dated.  I am sorry to hear you were unable to acquire a fix for this issue.  I can testify to the incredible amount of frustration I have been experiencing, since September of 2009, and I am very hesitant to purchase any other Cisco/Linksys-branded equipment, from this point forward.  Cisco has provided me with an option to refund my money; my preference would be a new firmware version that would fix this issue, since it is, obviously, more widespread than Cisco is admitting.  It appears that I will have to research other brands of hardware, to fulfill my information technology/networking needs, both for me and for my clients.  Again, thank you for your quick and informative response.  If you do come up with a fix, please, feel free to let me know.  One never knows if the information may be helpful down the road.  Thanks, Brett and good luck.


brettwcox Tue, 05/25/2010 - 03:07

Great news. Cisco released a new version of the firmware,,  in April 2010.  Fixed my problem with WPA/WPA2, good chance it will fix everyone else's as well.

Shame it took so long to resolve


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