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Please Help. I have a CME 4.1 and the below translation profile with rules. I am tring to get the thing to take any called number coming to me on the SIP trunk to translate any extension that begins with 9 and change it to a 3. So xxx xxx 9xxx would be xxx xxx 3xxx and then send it to the CME. For some reason it won't allow the call down. Of course, when the user calls out, and it changes it to a 9 (supposedly) the call goes out pots.

Anyone... Please help!

voice translation-profile Incoming_Change_93

translate called 5

voice translation-rule 5

rule 1 /^2142909\(...$\)/ /2142903\1/

voice translation-profile Outgoing_Change_39

translate called 6

voice translation-rule 6

rule 1 /3.../ /2142909\1/

I have this problem too.
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Paolo Bevilacqua Tue, 07/28/2009 - 06:48

You need to apply the translation-profile into the relevant DP. Note rule 5 can be written more concisely as:

rule 1 /^2142909/ /2142903/

Paolo Bevilacqua Tue, 07/28/2009 - 07:19

All what matter is that you have the profile applied to the right DP. That you may have missed. Your need is done with:

rule 1 /^2142909/ /3/


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