Valcom Paging CSS not able to dial a particular extension???

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Jul 28th, 2009

We have a really strange problem in one of our centralized spoke offices. There is a Valcom set up for paging and we have a specific calling search space set up with access to a route pattern that ties out to the unit. There are three IP phones included in the paging search space and for some reason there is one extension that none of the three phones can dial within the office. However when I changed the calling search space the directory number of one of the phones is in to non-paging, it got through to the extension fine. This weird...any suggestions on what could resolve this would be great.

Thank you.



I have this problem too.
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Brandon Buffin Tue, 07/28/2009 - 07:41


Sounds like the one phone is in a partition not accessible by the CSS of the other phones/DNs. The DNs reachable by a given phone is determined by which partitions are in the calling search space assigned to the calling phone/DN.

Hope this helps.


victoriabardy Tue, 07/28/2009 - 07:59

Hi Brandon,

Thank you for your post, but unfortuantely all of the other phones are in the same CSS as the one that can't be dialed. No other extensions seem to be an issue. I keep comparing all the other phones settings and nothing appears different. This is strange. There is only the one extensionn that can't be dialed by those three phones. Any other suggestions on what to check would be great. Thank you again.


rob.huffman Tue, 07/28/2009 - 08:03

Hey Vicky,

Just to add a note to the great tips from Brandon. Have you checked both the Device CSS and the Line CSS?


Brandon Buffin Tue, 07/28/2009 - 08:04

Did you check the partition of the DN that cannot be dialed. If it is in a partition that is not accessible by the CSS assigned to the phones, then that would cause this problem. The CSS determines which phones can be dialed from a given phone. The partition determines if that phone can be dialed from other phones.

Hope this helps.


victoriabardy Tue, 07/28/2009 - 11:15

Hi Brian,

I have checked the partitions and also deleted and re-created the phone and directory number with the same result, the phones in the css for paging can't call that one number. It turns out the person who has that dn was out for two months and the admin in that office disassociated the dn from the phone and create a CTI route point for it. Then when the end user came back, they deleted the CTI route point and assigned the DN back to the phone. My guess is there is some corruption or data that is hanging on from that temporary set up. I would really like your take on it if you have any ideas.

Thank you again for your time.



rob.huffman Tue, 07/28/2009 - 11:33

Hi Vicky,

Please try to use this method to completely remove the DN in question before trying to re-build again.

**Remove DN xxxx (the user who was away) from all phones first;

Deleting Unassigned Directory Numbers

This section describes how to delete an unassigned directory number from the route plan report. Directory numbers get configured and removed in the Directory Number Configuration window of Cisco CallManager Administration. When a directory number gets removed from a device or a phone gets deleted, the directory number still exists in the Cisco CallManager database. To delete the directory number from the database, use the Route Plan Report window.



Step 1 Choose Route Plan > Route Plan Report.

The Route Plan Report window displays. Use the three drop-down list boxes to specify a route plan report that lists all unassigned DNs.

Step 2 Three ways exist to delete directory numbers:

a. Click the directory number that you want to delete. When the Directory Number Configuration window displays, click Delete.

b. Check the check box next to the directory number that you want to delete. Click Delete Selected.

c. To delete all found unassigned directory numbers, click Delete all Found Items.

A warning message verifies that you want to delete the directory number.

Step 3 To delete the directory number, click OK. To cancel the delete request, click Cancel.

Once you have completed this process add the DN xxxx back to the phone again (**check the Calling Search Space) and try again.

Hope this helps!


victoriabardy Tue, 07/28/2009 - 12:21

Hi Rob,

Thank you for jumping in (thank you too Brad for sticking with me!!). I just tried removing the extension from all phones and then deleting it via the route plan report. Then I added the DN back to the call manager and the phone again, still the same result. ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!




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