WCS Alarm Status shows green but LAP is unplugged ?! Oper Staus shows Down

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Jul 29th, 2009


we are operating a Cisco WLAN environment with 1242 and 1131 LAP. Some of them have been converted from AP to LAP.

Now we took some LAP off the wall.

They are now packed in a box in our storage room.

But the WCS is showing a green Alarm Status for these LAP and as Oper Status Down.

How can that be ?

Is there a way to fix this problem, because we want to see the Alarm Status in Red.

Thx for all your input.

Best Regards


I have this problem too.
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jeromehenry_2 Wed, 07/29/2009 - 12:22

Weird indeed.

There seems to be a refresh issue on your WCS. I would refresh config from the network. If it does not provide the expected result, audit the AP / relevant controller to force a status update...

cisco.xenpak Wed, 07/29/2009 - 23:55


thank you for this input.

I've checked the config, the AP and the controller.

I found out, that this issue only occurs on AP that have been removed prior and then put back into service.

This behaviour shows after

1.) AP unpluged from the system

2.) AP shows RED on Alert Status

3.) AP Error has been aknowledge

4.) AP was REMOVED from the WCS using the command REMOVE AP

--after some time---

5.)Then when the AP will be put back up on the wall, pluged in.

6.) AP shows up again on the WCS (green Alarm Status)

7.) If now the AP will be unpluged again, the status light will stay GREEN

Brand new units, out of the box, do now show that kind of behaviour until we use the command REMOVE AP in the WCS.

Maybe there is, even when the command REMOVE AP is used, some data left on the WLC or WCS?

Our System show everything else correctly. It syncronises correctly.

The problem still exists.

jeromehenry_2 Thu, 07/30/2009 - 04:10

This is very interesting. If I try to put myself in the WCS developer's shoes, I think:

- if you get an alarm for missing AP, then acknowledge the alarm, WCS has no reason to re-display the same alarm. This is precisely what Acknowledge is for, to say "don't bother me with this issue anymore".

- Even if you manually remove the AP from WCS, it clearly keeps some memory of it, at least for a while. This is something you can clearly see if you run a report of any kind, WCS has to keep track of objects even if you remove them.

My suggestion would be:

- Unacknowledge the alarm, then delete it... acknowledging an alarm is probably not the best way to deal with removing an AP. You would use Aknowledge for alarms such as "your neighbour AP keep being detected as rogue, you can't remove your neighbour AP but don't want to hear about this warning anymore." You acknowledge the alarm, WCS keeps it in its database and remembers NOT to bother you with it anymore (exactly what happens in your case).

For an AP you remove, I would not acknowledge the alarm, but simply delete it after having removed the AP. This removes the alarm from the WCS database.

If you ever re-plug this AP to the network, WCS may remember it, but any new alarm about it will display.

Hope it helps



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