QoS Shaping Policy on Pix 515

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Jul 29th, 2009
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I am trying to set up a traffic shaping policy for outbound traffic on a Pix 515 to restict total outbound BW to 1 mbps. Below is the config I have set up. What is happening that uploading to external sites is indeed restricted to 1 mbps but uploading to our data centre (which has a priority policy) is not restricted. Can anyone explain why this would be as I thought the shaping applied to all traffic.

access-list test extended permit ip

class-map bdc

match access-list test

class-map inspection_default

match default-inspection-traffic

class-map video

match dscp af41

class-map voice

match dscp ef


policy-map vpn

class voice


class video


class bdc


policy-map enterprise

class class-default

shape average 1000000

service-policy vpn


service-policy enterprise interface outside

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Verify your class-map configuration command using the below URL which explains about "Bandwidth Management(Rate Limit) Using QoS Policies". Because, the class-map command classifies a set of traffic with which QoS actions are associated. You can use various types of match criteria to classify traffic. The match commands identify the traffic included in the traffic class for a class map. They include different criteria to define the traffic included in a class-map. Define a traffic class using the class-map global configuration command as part of configuring a security feature using Modular Policy Framework. From class-map configuration mode, you can define the traffic to include in the class using the match command.



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