cisco ccie voice lab blueprint question

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Jul 31st, 2009

Hello all. how often does Cisco update these blue prints. Im particularly interested in how often they update the required lab equipment and IOS. I noticed that we are at ver3.0 and candidates now need to train using this blue print.

I am in the initial stages of preparing for the CCIE Voice exam and would like to know if this blue print will be around in the next 2 years. I need to know that the equipment I buy now, and all my preparation will still be relevant when I'm ready to take the test in 2 years.

I have this problem too.
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Brandon Buffin Fri, 07/31/2009 - 11:05

If history is any indication, you should be fine. The current exam just went into effect. The previous lab exam update was January 2006. This is certainly not a guarantee, but I think you're safe for the next couple of years.

Hope this helps.


Wilson Samuel Tue, 08/04/2009 - 06:59

Thanks Brandon!

I'm also on the same track, just got out of CCVP, and taking the momentum forward to CCIE-V.

My biggest challange is that I have always worked as an Admin not as implementer i.e. no installations yet.

Would you advice having a solid Workstation (i.e. Dual Xeon 2.0 Ghz with 8 GB RAM and atleast 500GB 7200 RPM) machine to do all the basic installation things like CCM, CCX and doing the Disaster Recovery etc, which if I'm not wrong, isnt feasible on a remote lab.

Any suggestions would be realyl helpful.


Brandon Buffin Tue, 08/04/2009 - 07:56

I think it's a great idea to have a lab to work with when possible. VMs make this much more feasible. On the other hand, remote rack rental comes in handy to practice with the equipment you may not have and may be cost prohibitive to purchase. (2800s, 3750s, etc.) A blended approach to the build a lab/rack rental question seems to work well.

Hope this helps.


Wilson Samuel Tue, 08/04/2009 - 08:11

Hi Brandon,

Thanks for your quick reply. Its encouraging to hear your view.

Secondly, I wanted to know if the config I mentioned would be ok, just to do the basci stuff (installation, disaseter recover et al).

All I'm concerned is that I shouldnt end up with a White Elephant which I cant use.

Have you or anyone else has ever used a VMWare environment for CCIE-V (esp with the Lab-3) if yes, what was the config like?

Would a Dual Xeon 2.0 Ghz, 8GB RAM, 500GB 7200 HDD ok for installation of VMWare with Publisher+Sub or Pub+Unity Connection or Pub+Unity+Presence ?

Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Brandon Buffin Tue, 08/04/2009 - 12:25

Yes, I think this setup would be good for practing CUCM/Unity/Presence configuration. I had a lab at the office to work with and did not need VMs, however many people have used VMs for lab preparation. Do a search for "CCIE Voice VMware" and you'll see many links, examples, etc.


Wilson Samuel Wed, 08/05/2009 - 03:49

Thanks once again.

Btw, I have been trying to rate your replies, and for some reason it simply wont apply my ratings to your reply.


I appreciate your help in this, and will post back with my feedback on the aspect.



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