Voice Gateway cache issue

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Aug 1st, 2009


As you know that in CVP based solution the vxml voice gateway caches the .wav files

I need easiest way to replace .wav file, as it takes long time to do work around solution

I tried this command with no negative response

audio-prompt load abc.wav

My work around solution is based on resetting http cash to 1 for the whole VGs which around 63

So please advice

I have this problem too.
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PATRICK WILD Tue, 08/04/2009 - 10:49

There is a manual command to set the audio files to stale per gateway, so the next time they are called, the VG will download the new wav file.

From enable prompt, not config t:

"set http client cache stale"

This is used to clear all cached wav files on a gateway that is being used to pull wav files from a Media Server.

"Clear ip http client cache url"… is used when you are not using a media server, but rather a gateway as the media server.

If this is a common problem-

VG-set the max time to 5 minutes or acceptable timeout.

Media Server- setup several directories-

1 directory of files that do not change- set max time to live 24 hours.

1 dicectory of files that do change- set max time to live 5 minutes.

these directories can be sub directory of one another.

The time to live setting is on the IIS portion of the media server.

mohamed-gheta Tue, 08/04/2009 - 21:59

Thanks so much my friend I will test it and get back to you


Mohamed Gheta


The command 'audio-prompt load Wave_File_URL' does not work correctly especially if you have files with the same name in different directories in the Media Server (for example abcd.wav in the EN directory, FR directory...)

You may use the following command:

gw#clear http client cache --> This command clears the cache and enables the VG to load files from Media Server without reloading it.

>>clear http client cache

I'd like to know what version of IOS you have that accepts such a command.

The normal way, since the T8 version of 12.4(15), is to call

set http client cache stale - Set all HTTP client cache entries stale immediately

As the name implies, it does not clear the cache at all, but simply marks each one as being stale. "show http client cache" will show each file marked with a # in front of the size. Now a call for that URI will force the HTTP client to fetch it again from the web server.

There is a good Cisco white paper on the HTTP Client Cache - all CVP installers should read this.



Doan Khanh Tan Thanh Fri, 08/07/2009 - 18:19

Using this command, it will help

set http client cache stale

But you much make sure that, the new wave file with the same name must be newer then the old file (the Date Created)

If not, it won't load the file you want to VXML cache.


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