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Aug 5th, 2009


I have a network with 3 branches

Branch A - Main Center HQ

Branch B - Main Branch Office

Branch C - Small Branch Office

Branch A connects to Branch B on Router-1

Branch C connects to Branch B on Router-2

both router in Branch B are connected to a Switch on the LAN Side 192.168.10.x network. on Router-1 LAN Int Fa0/0 on Router-2 Lan Int Fa 0/0

Branch A and Branch B are connected over OSPF on Router-1. Branch C and Branch B are connected using static route over Router-2.

From Branch A- am able to reach Branch B and Branch C.

From Branch B- am able to reach Branch A and Branch C.

From Branch C- I am not able to see Branch A.

If ping from Branch C Router to Branch B WAN interface (Fa0/1) i am able to ping. I am able to ping the LAN interface (Fa0/0) ie- also, but i am not able to ping the same range IP configured on the Router-1 Lan interface Fa0/0.

Branch C router has a default route pointing to the Branch B Router2 WAN Interface (Fa0/1).

what could be the problem? how can i make this work? a route-map can work or not?

Apreciate your valuable input.



I have this problem too.
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Jon Marshall Wed, 08/05/2009 - 02:26


The obvious thing to check is Router-1 routing table to see if it knows how to get to Branch C.

When you ping from Branch C what is the source IP address and does Router 1 know how to get to this.

Remember you can specify the source address on Branch C router when you ping ie.

ping source


Jacob Samuel Wed, 08/05/2009 - 02:44

Hi Jon,

On Router-1 there is a static route for Branch C Local network (192.168.20.x) pointing to the Lan interface (fa0/0) of Router2.

ip rouet

In this case if i Ping from 192.168.20.x or the sourece as 192.168.20.x it should be pinging up to right?

From Branch C router it was not an extended Ping we did, i will check this and update Jon.

But again, if i have to reach the LAN of Branch A, i have to specify a router-map on the Branch B Router2..! am i right?

Thanks and Regards


Jon Marshall Wed, 08/05/2009 - 03:09


"From Branch C router it was not an extended Ping we did, i will check this and update Jon."

The Branch C router will use it's WAN interface as the src address by default. Check that router 1 has a route back to this address.

You do not need to use route-maps, this is a simple routing issue unless there is something else you have not explained fully.



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