ACE on VSS problem

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Aug 5th, 2009
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I have a VSS cluster 2x6509 and an ACE blade in each I had to upgrade(ACE A2) the software so it could be recognised by the VSS. I have connectivity to the newtork from the first ACE ,but the second cannot arp it's default gatetway both ACE blade are on the same management vlan.

any help will be appreciated following is the config

svclc multiple-vlan-interfaces

svclc switch 1 module 1 vlan-group 1

svclc switch 2 module 1 vlan-group 1

svclc vlan-group 1 88

access-list ANY line 8 extended permit ip any any

policy-map type management first-match remote-access

class remote-mgmt


interface vlan 88

description Axfood MGMT-LAN

ip address

access-group ANY

no shutdown

ip route

show arp


IP ADDRESS MAC-ADDRESS Interface Type Encap NextArp(s) Status

================================================================================ 00.21.a0.82.8e.e9 vlan88 LEARNED 519 12340 sec up 00.21.a0.82.8e.39 vlan88 INTERFACE LOCAL _ up vlan88 LEARNED 518 4807 sec up vlan88 GATEWAY - * 3 req dn

sho interface

switch/Admin# show int

vlan88 is up

Hardware type is VLAN

MAC address is 00:21:a0:82:8e:39

Mode : routed

IP address is netmask is

FT status is non-redundant

Description:Axfood MGMT-LAN

MTU: 1500 bytes

Last cleared: never

Alias IP address not set

Peer IP address not set

Assigned from the Supervisor, up on Supervisor

45822 unicast packets input, 553642216 bytes

8022597 multicast, 218206 broadcast

0 input errors, 0 unknown, 0 ignored, 0 unicast RPF drops

301 unicast packets output, 33548570 bytes

0 multicast, 523889 broadcast

0 output errors, 0 ignored

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sadbulali Tue, 08/11/2009 - 07:21
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On ACE arp failed to real servers and service all stopped. Only reload the module could recover the service. It seems mostly caused by FT. And ensure you can able to ping the gateway. Also make sure any access list is blocking or not.

huangedmc Tue, 08/11/2009 - 12:41
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It looks like you don't have FT (alias & peer IP's) set up.

If the second ACE still can't ARP or ping the gateway after you get that taken care of, check w/ TAC to see if you're hitting bug CSCsz50968.

We ran into it when we were doing a bunch of failover tests between the two VSS chassis.


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