icmp unreachable messages and ping codes

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Aug 9th, 2009

Hi every body.

My book says when we use ping, we could receive five poossible responses identified by code in the output. For example:

! echo reply received

. nothing was received, ping timed out

U Icmp unreachable( destination )

N icmp unreahable( network)

M can not fragment the packet

? unknown packet received.


Let say we are not using ping, we are using wireshark.

we can capture Icmp messages exchanged between hosts when trouble occurs .

According to book, ICmp unreachable messages can includes fives seperate unreacable codes that further identify why the packet cannot be delivered.

These codes are:

Network unreachable:

host unreacable

Can't fragment

protocol unreachable

port unreachable

what are the alphabitical codes to represent these above messages?

thanks a lot.

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