Engaged Tone on Outbound Calls

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Aug 9th, 2009


We are currently unable to make outbound calls, we get an engaged signal.

We had this issue earlier. We resolved it by rebooting the voicemail router.

we believe we have not exceeded the total number of calls for the 2 * CCM and voicemail servers

Each CCM can support 24 calls (48 in total) and then over flows to the voicemail router which can handle another 128 calls.

voicemail has 112 calls currently active.

vm-host-router#sh sccp connections summary

SCCP Application Service(s) Statistics Summary:

Total Conferencing Sessions: 0, Connections: 0

Total Transcoding Sessions: 112, Connections: 224

Total MTP Sessions: 0, Connections: 0

Total ALG-Phone Sessions: 0, Connections: 0

Total BRI-Phone Sessions: 0, Connections: 0

Total SCCP Sessions: 112, Connections: 224

there should be 16 channels left on the voice mail router (128 - 112)

Could anybody help me out resolving this problem.

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Nicholas Matthews Mon, 08/10/2009 - 03:57


show voice dsp group all

show sccp connections (for any codecs you're not expecting which may be increasing the complexity for a DSP)



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