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Aug 10th, 2009

Hey, I'm just starting to get my foot into the IT world. I'll be starting at ITT Tech in about a month for Computer Network Systems (2-year degree) which will set me up to persue a BA in Information System Security. After achieving my BA in Infosec, I can stay at the school for about another year and obtain a 2nd BA in Project Management with the overlap of credits. I also thought of proceeding to an online Masters in infosec, and/or traditional college route for a Associates or BA in business to go with the infosec career path. Would that be overly ambitious of me, or does that sound like a good plan to work my way up in the infosec world?

Will ITT Tech be a good foot-in-the-door for me to begin a infosec career path? How does a degree from ITT Tech hold up to a university or other institute? (Looking for some input from employers or current/graduated students especially)

I've read that infosec is moving more and more towards a business-minded field and away from the tech-end of things. And with that, people with a business background are more and more saught after in the infosec community. How much of that is true? Or should I say, to what end? How far should one persue the second path in business to back up the infosec career? What are generally the requirements for one to become a CISSP (I know it's just a certification, but it's the best way I currently know to classify what I'm thinking... maybe another way to put it would be a 'journeyman infosec specialist') Or a infosec manager? Or even a CIO? Again, I realize that it often depends on experience, not just the degree(s). But there has to be a general trend...

I'm really excited to start school and get on my way to the field I want to get into. I've poured over websites for info and feel like I'm starting to re-read a lot of stuff, so thought I'd ask here for a fresh prospective and hope I can get some questions answered. Any responces would be appreciated! Thank you for your time.


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sking2009 Mon, 08/10/2009 - 13:41

I currently attend Coleman University, but in the Computer Networking field. I don't know how good the InfoSec program is there, but I've had a couple people who left ITT to go to Coleman stating their CN program was terrible. I was really surprised. No, this isn't an advertisement as Coleman does not have an InfoSec program; just sharing what I've heard.

jim_berlow Tue, 08/11/2009 - 13:13

Congrats on choosing the IT field for a career!

Schooling is a subject of much debate on these forums - so I'll try to steer clear of the hot points. I think that everyone will agree that experience is king in this field. Everything you do should be about obtaining that first job in the IT field. Don't discount the value of volunteering at local non-profits or other such organizations to get a foot in the door (or at least some experience on the resume).

This is a pretty wide open industry in that both business types and technology types are useful in what we do. The business types often go into project management or sales, where the technology folks are the ones who work on the products. One isn't necessarily better than the other - they both have roles in this industry.

I know this is very general - but, there are a ba-zillion different options out there for you to choose from. The most important thing is to get experience though and grow from there.

I hope that helps if even in a small way!



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