Unable to view incoming dial plan in CCA v2.0(1)

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Hi guys,

I have recently been unable to view my DID plans in CCA since the latest update but when I go back to the original 2.0 release, I can see my DIDs again. I've attached my config in case the new version doesn't like something that's wrong in my config. Is there a work around for this issue or should i just keep using the older version?

Running on a UC520

IOS: 12.4(22)T, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

CME: 7.0(1)

CUE: 3.2.1

My software pack version is unavailable but I'm not even sure if that's relevant.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have this problem too.
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Steven DiStefano Tue, 08/11/2009 - 08:07


I will yeild to higher authority inside the Cisco Business Unit, but I am pretty sure CCA supports the 7.0.3 Bundle ZIP or EA bundle (two flavors):

Regular or Early Adopter.

The IOS you are running is neither.  I am not saying its not valid, and I am sure you got it from CCO, but I am thinking it wasn't tested with CCA 2.0.1 and maybe there is something specific to both that IOS and CCA 2.0.1 which wasn't apparent in CCA 2.0.

UC500 Software Pack UC520-7.0.3.zip includes:
CME Release: 7.0
CUE Release: 7.0.3
IOS Release: 12.4(20)T2

UC500 Software Pack UC520-7.1.1a-ea.zip includes:
CME Release: 7.1
CUE Release: 7.0.3
IOS Release: 12.4(22)YB1

If its not a production system and you can do it, I would try to get it on a supported version.  Again, I am happy to be corrected if the BU determines its OK.

Steve D

Field Channel SE team

US Market

Marcos Hernandez Tue, 08/11/2009 - 08:09


Your statement is accurate. We only test the software permutations you mentioned in the post.



Hi guys,

Thanks for the response. Can someone explain the differences between the different branches?

My current understanding is,

T line is the production/stable release

XW is new features line

YB is the bleeding edge

Is this about right? I remember the person who originally installed our UC520 had issues with a line of IOS which did not support E1 connections and that caused some issues. Could this happen if I went to the XW/YB line?

Marcos Hernandez Wed, 08/12/2009 - 08:24

IOS naming is very tricky. Your definitions are close, but not quite. When separating releases in SBCS, you need to look at the "manufacturing" release (currently 7.0.3) and the "early adopter" release (currently 7.1.1). There isn't an exact rule to determine which IOS will be inside each one of these releases, since we reserve the right to select from the branch that we consider most stable at that point in time.




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