ASA5505 v8.2(4) - packet loss after QoS config

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Aug 11th, 2009


I came across a problem after configuring QoS on a ASA5505 v8.2(1) for one of our customers (planning to use IP Phones over VPN). Although I configured via ASDM, here is the relevant CLI config:

priority-queue outside

class-map DM_INLINE_Child-Class

match dscp cs3 af31 ef

policy-map DM_INLINE_Child-Policy

class DM_INLINE_Child-Class


policy-map outside-policy

description QoS

class class-default

shape average 3600000

service-policy DM_INLINE_Child-Policy

service-policy outside-policy interface outside

(the default global policy is also configured)

The problem is after configuring this, after some time (usually around 1 day), the traffic throughput on the ASA is very low. When I ping an outside host, about half the packets get lost. The internet connection has a fixed DHCP or PPPoE. If I remove the QoS policy from the outside interface or reboot the ASA, traffic throughput is normal again.

I used this configuration the first time on v7.2(4) where it worked without any problems for several months. The issue started after upgrading to 8.0(4) and persisted in 8.2(1).

Did anybody come across this? Am I missing anything what the config is concerned? The logs show nothing unusual.

Any feedback would be appreciated!


Correct Answer by Todd Pula about 7 years 6 months ago

You are more than likely running into bug CSCsx07862 which was resolved in and Another potential workaround that I have used in the past is to police the class default as opposed to shape.

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ivarnhagen Tue, 08/11/2009 - 07:51

Hi, thanks for the info! Where can I download version On the Download Software site I can only find version 8.2.1.

Todd Pula Tue, 08/11/2009 - 07:56

TAC can publish the latest interim build for your to download. I would open an SR so that this issue can be properly documented. Please feel free to request that the SR be assigned to me.

Thank you,

Todd Pula


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