what would cause lines 5-8 not to register on a spa8k

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Was wondering if anyone else has seen this symptom.  I have 2 spa8k units acting the same way.  We have accounts built on lines 1-6, however the only lines that register to our proxy are lines 1-4.  Lines 5 & 6 are enabled and have all the credentials set, but I have not seen a registration request from these lines, when sniffing at our SBC.

I have tried numerous reboots and pointing at different SBC's on ourside...nothing works.  I don't know if the modules are bad for these ports....however, I can change their appropriate info...ie, outbound proxy, etc...and it displays it.  I turned on syslog, but don't know what to look for to see if the modules are reporting any errors.

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated.



I have this problem too.
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dhames Tue, 08/11/2009 - 12:13

1. Update the firmware to the latest (attached to this post)

2. On the L5 tab (in the top right hand corner) select Trunk Group 1

    On the L6 tab select Trunk Group 2

    On the L7 tab select Trunk Group 3

    On the L8 tab select Trunk Group 4

3. Now register each trunk (tabs T1 - T4) to your PBX.

Let me know if that works.




Thanks for the info.  This unit has been upgraded to the latest 6.1.3 when it was in the field, however it was running 5.1.9 before the upgrade and it was failing to register line 5 & 6.  I did the upgrade to see if that would help, but it did not.  I understand the concept of the TG settings in the 8k, however our provisioning system has no concept of that, so we have to register each line as its own DID against our proxy server.

Right now, I don't have any settings for T1-T4 or referencing any lines to that TG.   I was thinking the params were not making it down from our prov server, but they are...ie, i can null them out and save it on the 8k..but it checks in with our prov server and reboots and they are back.  I know the credentials are good, since I can swap the data between line 4 & 5....and line 4 always registers.  For some reason...lines 5 -8 are not even attempting to register.

If this is a TG issue....the customer has 6 DID's...so I really couldn't assign them to TG's since there are only 4.  Right now, I have no lines referencing a TG nor does the TG reference any outbound proxy etc...are they logically tied together, even though there is no reference within the config?

Weird one..never seen this before.  Do you know of any syslog that will help?  I will try some of your suggestions on the unit that came back from the customer, which I am having issue with it locally.



dhames Tue, 08/11/2009 - 15:13

Hey Jayme,

Out of curiosity, have you tried registering Trunks 1 and 2 after associating line 5 to the first trunk and line 6 to the second?  From my understanding, this resolves a known "bug" on the SPA8000.  As for the outbound proxy, you should be able to specify it on the trunk lines as well.


We tried to have lines 5 & 6 register through TG1 & 2....and they do register.  However, I do not see any status when on the info page and calls going to the unit are getting a "busy here" from the 8k.  Also, the user does not see lines 5 or 6 lite up and no dialtone, which tells me they are not registered.  On a trace at our sbc, I can see the registrations coming in from source port 5080, which is the TG1 of the unit, so I know it is using the settings of it.

I have another spa8k in our lab, running the same 6.1.3 release...and I have a TG1 setup with lines  5-7 and it is working fine.  Although it is not the same DID's/credentials...it is working.

I am just stumped, why 2 units would be doing this....sure sounds like a config issue, but I don't see anything with it.  Also, do you have a link to the known bug issue on the 8k with regards to having to register through a TG?  I will keep messing with it....any ideas, if you have them!

I have attached a word doc, showing some of the settings and the status pages.


dhames Thu, 08/20/2009 - 07:25

Hey Jayme,

Sorry for the delayed response.  I'll look over your configs and see if anything jumps out at me.  Also, I can carry this into our lab just to see if I can replicate the same issue you're experiencing.

Referring to the bug, I don't have a link.  When I had mentioned that before, I was simply implying that that's what I had heard.  Sorry about that.  I should've verified the information before mentioning it.  If I what I heard is correct, I'll have a link for you asap.


dhames Thu, 08/20/2009 - 09:07

Hey Jayme,

I took this to our lab and saw what you are talking about, but then after about a minute, it finally showed up with "Registered with Internal proxy"

The only thing left that I would try is to factory reset the SPA8000 and then apply the latest firmware again. (Just in case there was an issue with the last upgrade)

If that doesn't fix it, I would have to say the unit needs to be replaced.


Hey Derek,

Thanks for the help on this.  I factory defaulted the unit and also went back to 5.1.9, which it was originally working on.  Port 5-8 are definitely bad, I can not get any of them to register, so I have another unit going out to the customer.  I thought it was just odd that I had 2 units acting the same way, so I thought it may have been a bug or something....but it appears both units are bad in the same way.

Thanks again



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