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Hi, sorry for my english.

I have a RV082 configured with 3 account for QuickVPN


Static IP.

At my home I have 2 PC (first and second

at first I have QuickVPN 1.2.6, this connect to RV082 but not see shared Printer and directory.

at second I have QuickVPN but not connect in log: Local IP address conflicts with the subnet of remote VPN Server

at second disinstall and install 1.2.11 but nothing.

can you help me?

Thanks Davide

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Te-Kai Liu Wed, 08/12/2009 - 07:13
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Are you trying to use QuickVPN to connect from a home PC to your RV082 at work? If so, what's your home router's model?

Please ensure the ip address of QuickVPN client is not in the same subnet as the LAN IP of RV082. Otherwise the tunnel will not connect.

How is RV082 connected to the internet? Does RV082 see another firewall router in front of it?


In Office:

Router Alice (Telecon Italia), With 8 IP Static public address, but used only one for RV082 (No firewall)

RV082 is configured: WAN1 with IP static.

This RV082 is connect with another RV082 in VPN tunnel in second office, VPN is OK.

LAN: 192.168.10.X RV082 Server with 6 directory shared and one printer shared - 209 DHCP

Configured 3 user for VPN Client access and all 3 active.

At my home:

Modem Ericsson HM220DP

ADSL with Dynamic IP

Router USRobotics model: 8000-02

1 PC: - Quick VPN 1.2.6 Connect but not see printer or directory shared

2 PC: - Quick VPN 1.2.11 - Not connect problem with [WARNING]Local IP address conflicts the subnet of remote VPN Server



zzorro2001 Thu, 08/13/2009 - 06:42
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Hi Davide

     I don't know if you trying to tunnel or use the vpn client, but the vpn client does not allow netbios to pass thru so you will not see the shared printers and files. If you tunnel between 2 routers it should allow netbios to pass thru, but the quick vpn client does not. Regardless if you want to use tunneling between routers or using the Quick vpn client both ends need to be on separate subnets. I hope it helps.


David Carr Thu, 08/13/2009 - 07:56
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Not sure the issue you are having but it sounds like the local ip address is the same as the local lan ip address of the remote vpn router.  They have to be on different subnets.  Example on the remote connection, and on the rv082.

David Carr Fri, 08/14/2009 - 06:10
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Hey Davide, I would call into our SBSC and let our support engineers do some troubleshooting and see if they can help your resolve this issue.  The number is 866-606-1866.

DmentionSystems Mon, 08/17/2009 - 13:01
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We do this day in and out here using the RV042.  It's a great router except QuickVPN doesn't work.  It never has.  Use the PPTP server and everything will work fine.


reghaut35 Thu, 09/03/2009 - 08:49
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We are having the same issue

RV082 with 2.0 firmeware

Quickvpn 3.0

Lan 192.168.100.x

Home pc: 192.168.1.x

Error message in the QuickVPN Log file : Local IP address conflicts with the subnet of remote VPN Server

This Both on XP and Vista....

Any help on this issue ?


David Carr Thu, 09/03/2009 - 09:42
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Try changing the home local subnet to a 10.x.x.x network and see if you get the same error message.

superkanstin Thu, 11/12/2009 - 14:36
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There is a bug in QuickVPN where it doesn't resolve subnets correctly.  I appears to me that it's looking a substrings to determine if the networks conflict instead of really looking at the subnet.  In your case, you have an endpoint lan subnet of 192.168.10.x/24 and a source subnet of 192.168.1.x/24.  The software is looking at your source subnet string as "192.168.1" and comparing it to the string "192.168.10".  Since your destination subnet string starts with the source subnet string then it fails.  It's really stupid. You can do change your source subnet to anything but 192.168.1, 192.168.10, and 192.168.100 or change your destination subnet to anything but 192.168.1, 192.168.1x, 192.168.1xx.  It's embarrassing that Linksys/Cisco has a lazy programmer that can't do a real subnet check.  Even more embarrassing that this bug has been in the software for years.

In my case, my home subnet was 192.168.1.x and I couldn't connect to 192.168.121.x.  If I changed my home subnet to 192.168.2.x it would work.  If I changed my home subnet to 192.168.12.x it would fail ("192.168.121" starts with "192.168.12").  If I changed my home subnet to 192.168.11.x it would work. Etc.

David Carr Mon, 11/23/2009 - 07:20
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Yes, it is a known issue with the quickvpn client and as the cisco partner replied the work around is to have the third octect start with something other than a 1 if the other client is using a 1 in the third octect.  I apologize for this inconvenience and Cisco is aware of this issue.


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