ASA 8.0(4) one ACL entry not showing "(htcnt=)"

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I have an ACL with two entries, where if I enter "show access-list dmz_in", thoese entries don't have a "(htcnt=)", just the hex entry after. Other ACL lines have (htcnt=0) or (htcnt=12388), etc. Why would those entries not at least show a hit count of 0?

access-list dmz2_in line 7 extended permit udp host eq snmptrap (hitcnt=435) 0x6d194893

access-list dmz2_in line 8 extended permit object-group EPO host 0x5880adba


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Maxim Zimovets Thu, 08/13/2009 - 08:26
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ASA doesn't show hitcnt in your second line just because the line contains object-group. As far as I know next following line (or perhaps lines) will show real context of the mentioned object group and I hope these lines will show you hitcnt.

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