JTAPIGW suddenly went active on PG1b

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Hello all !!

I have a duplex IPCC 6.0 environment with side A and side B connecting via 45MB MPLS WAN with QoS enabled. And recently I am seeing an issue with the JTAPIGW process, for some reason it suddenly goes active on PG1b and it seems to happen more frequently during the weekend when we have a full backup running on PG1a. Thanks in advance !!! I appreciate any help / inputs !!!


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What exactly are you backing up on a PG? Once you have one backup, and the registry doesn't change, why another "full backup"? Is this like a Ghost image?

It does appear that the heartbeat from the PG to the central controller is being affected and the other side is being activated. Look in the trace of the PG or OPC - you should see the info. about transfer of control.



daljeetsingh1_2 Wed, 08/19/2009 - 00:32
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Yes Mr. Geoff is right, you dont need backup's of PG if its already done once. PG moreover doesnt have database it just have registry changes which full backup must have taken care off.

The backups you should do are for HDS database, Loggers(config logger and hist logger) database in order to back-up the configuration & records.




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