Message filters on a single listener

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Aug 17th, 2009


We have a single listener that handles inbound and outbound messages. I would like to apply a message filter only for outbound messages.

Is there a message filter that I can script for this?


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santoshkumar Wed, 08/19/2009 - 08:34


i have configured two listner, one for incoming mail (internet) & other from internal mail(intranet) from smtp authenticated user only, i need to creat a message filter that does not allowed forged smtp auth user to send mail useing other email id.
im using one c350 only for internal & incoming mails.outgoing mail are send by another c350.

Does Any have idea how to write a message filter for a particular listner with such condition.
also is it possible to wrte a content filter for check such forged smtp auth user.
pls help if some one have idea about it.

kB article for such not help me to apply it, as i m not good in writing message filter. :(

thanks :)

richardacarey@g... Wed, 08/19/2009 - 13:45

FYI. I was able to write a message filter for outbound messages on a single listener. This filter will not apply a footer/disclaimer rule to outbound messages that are encrypted using PKI (we have certain users who need to use certificate based encryption instead of CRES).

Here is how:

no_footer_in_encrypted_msgs: if (sendergroup == "RELAYLIST") AND (NOT
add-footer("name of disclaimer");

Andrew Wurster Thu, 08/20/2009 - 22:40

yes you can also use the rules/conditions 'recv-int' or 'recv-listener'.

see section "Using Message Filters to Enforce Email Policies" in the asyncos advanced user guide for specific usage examples and such.

happy filtering!



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