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Aug 18th, 2009
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I want to add a custom directory to my customers' phones. I can do this by Getting the current xmldirectory.jsp file from the CCM, adding a new <MenuItem> entry for my custom directory and then saving the modified .jsp (or .xml) file on my server (and changing the "URL Directories" parameter on the CCM to point to the file on my server.)

But I would prefer to modify the xmldirectory.jsp file on the CCM (and leave the "URL Directories" parameter unchanged) so that if the customer want to add another custom directory directory, he can do so by making his own changes to the xmldirectory.jsp file on the CCM and not have to have access to the file on my server.

Is it possible to do this? How would I write the modified xmldirectory.jsp file back to the CCM?

If this is not possible, I guess the customer could add his own custom menu by modifying the xmldirectory.jsp file from my server and then saving it on a third server, but that's getting kind of messy.

How do people usually do this?

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stephan.steiner Wed, 09/16/2009 - 04:54
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Linux based CCMs are locked down appliances.. you won't get access to the file system just because it's convenient. So you really should just use an external place to host the file. I'm sure there's a webserver somewhere in the organization that you could use.

eric.rubin Thu, 09/17/2009 - 05:47
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Yes, I ended up doing it that way. But I have another question.

Is the "URL Directories" parameter accessible, and settable, using SQL? I searched through the database but wasn't able to find a field that held this value. I'm currently working on using the CCM's web interface to change this parameter, but it would a lot easier if I could do it through SQL.

stephan.steiner Thu, 09/17/2009 - 23:43
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The enterprise parameter or the parameter on the phone? At least the parameters on the phone should be in the device table (you can set them with updatePhone/updateDeviceProfile)..

eric.rubin Tue, 09/22/2009 - 05:09
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I want to change the "URL Directories" parameter in the Enterprise Parameters, since I am adding a new entry to the directories menu. I guess I could set it on each phone, but if I don't change it Enterprise Parameters, the change will be list when the phone is reset.

Can I change the "URL Directories" parameter in the Enterprise Parameters using SQL?

stephan.steiner Wed, 09/23/2009 - 23:55
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Phones default to the value in the enterprise parameters when they don't have a local value.

Though if you want to change it globally.. it's only one value so what's wrong with using ccmadmin?

I know, not the answer you're looking for. I'm sure it is somewhere in the DB, you just need to figure out which of the gazillion tables. Have a look at the data dictionary ( and check the most likely tables using cli sql.


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