Unable to stop Cisco Unity Service to apply MS Hotfix bundle

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Aug 20th, 2009


I have downloaded the latest Cisco patch bundle for Unity (Updates Wizard). Im following the installation instructions, and one of the steps states: "If you are running the wizard on a Cisco Unity server: Use the Cisco Unity tray icon to stop the Cisco Unity software"

On the DC in our Unity cluster i have tried to stop the Unity service by using the tray icon. I select "Stop Unity" and it turns into a red arrow pointing down. 5 secs later, it is back to the Unity icon with a green tick. I checked MS Services tab and all the Unity services are still running....

Is there anyway to disable Unity so i can apply the latest Updates Wizard? Can the Wizard be safely run if Unity is still running?

Its late and i cant progress any further, so i will have to attempt this work later in the month lol

Any assistance with stopping the Unity service appreciated :o)


NB - i have tried to stop the service on the DC via the tray icon. I assume this is possible? The other server is merely a member server that acts as a backup if the DC/message store fails. Thus i have shut the other server down, and was planning to patch the DC first, let it reboot, then restart the member server so authentication works, and then patch it.

I have this problem too.
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Bradford Magnani Thu, 08/20/2009 - 13:06

You can stop the AvCsGateway process which will stop AvCsMgr and all the dependent services.

Hope that helps,


Hoan Mai Thu, 08/20/2009 - 13:07

1. Open up a DOS prompt.

2. Navigate to the commserver directory.

i.e. d:\cd commserver

3. kill av*.*

This will stop Unity.

Christopher McAlpin Thu, 08/20/2009 - 13:33

This will happen if you are logged in to the computer with an account that does not have rights to stop the services. Try logging in as your admin/install account.


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