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Aug 21st, 2009
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Can you see any issues with the following scenario?

In order to deal with the trouble from SPA400's that randomly 'die' (stop responding to the network all together), I'm thinking of attaching incoming phone lines to 2 SPA400's, setting 1 to answering on 2 rings, and the other to answer on 3.  That way regardless of which gateway 'dies' the incoming calls are still answered.  For outgoing calls, if a line is in use and not by the local gateway, the call seems to fail, so I'm assuming the best plan is to use the first line on gateway 1, and the second line on gateway 2 for outgoing calls so at least only half the outgoing capacity is impacted in the event of a spa400 failure.  Thoughts? -Don

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David Hornstein Fri, 08/21/2009 - 21:16
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Hi Don,

Such an interesting application, I was forced to give it a try.

I used the beta wizard that Alberto Montilla kindly put up at this community site. Check Alberto's posting regarding sourcing this SPA9000 beta Wizard.

For me, it was a good chance to try it out this BETA software.:)

I must say, it works rather well, and the whole configuration took me less than 15 minutes.

It automatically setup my second SPA400 as a backup, see the figure below or attached file. You will also note from the picture below that it set up the number '9' as a prefix or steering digit.


I  manually went into my backup SPA400 at  IP address, which is configured on Line 2 of my SPA9000, and went to the VOICE  tab and altered  answer after 2 rings  to answer after 3 rings.  Then saved that option.

The wizard automatically set up the internal call routing rules in my SPA9000.

I used the wizard to create a hunt group so that  incoming calls would be directed to an analog phone as well as a SPA962.

By default my  SPA9000 would  direct calls out line 1 to my SPA400 at IP address and if that SPA400 failed, or this primary  SPA400 could not be contacted , the SPA9000 would direct outgoing calls to line 2  to my backup SPA4000 at IP address   Wizard set this up  automatically as you would expect. (as a note this is normal behavior, when all four lines of the primary SPA400 are in use, then subsequent calls would be routed by the SPA9000 to the next SPA400)

I noticed that a steering digit of '9' was created, so I knew I would have to dial 9 to dial an outside line or to dial out to the Public Switch telephone Network ( PSTN).

Now it time to test the funtionality

I connected my single PSTN connection in my lab  to both my primary and backup SPA400 via a 'Y' cable.

I made a POTs call into my SPA400's from the PSTN, and noticed that my Primary SPA400 answered the call after 2 rings.

I then made a outgoing call  to the PSTN  from my SPA962 phone  and noticed that it used the primary SPA400 to get out to the PSTN.

I then powered down my primary SPA400 and repeated this exercise.

I made a POTs call into my SPA400's from the Public Switch telephone Network (PSTN), and noticed that my backup SPA400 answered the call after 3 rings. I then made a outgoing call out from my SPA962 phone  and noticed that it used the backup SPA400 to get out to the PSTN.

So this confirmed that my call routing rules that were setup by the wizard was working great.

So to answer your question, yes your application does work.

The only things I did not setup  on my system was Voice Mail (VM), but since the backup SPA400 really isn't doing much, VM could be run from the backup unit.

I must admit writing this response took more time than setting up the application.

Hope this helped

regards Dave

donwbpa3donwbpa3 Wed, 10/07/2009 - 18:31
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Thanks.  Yes, I've been able to make this has helped twice in the last month or so as I've had a spa400 stay on the network but stop seeing the phone lines.   Is there a way to get the outbound calling to use both gateways for the same line?  ie: use gw 1 port 1 and then gw2 port 1 (both on the same line), but somehow have gw 1 or 2 detect when the line is already 'in use' on the other gateway (by voltage) and not get used when a steering digit is moving thru the outbound line selection? -Don

David Hornstein Fri, 10/16/2009 - 12:28
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Hi Don,

If I could have both SPA400 at the same IP address, maybe I could do what you would like to achieve.

I say that, because the SPA9000 Line 1 parameters point to a single SPA400 Gateway for call routing.

Call routing would make the call roll to a non active line.  If say, line 1 of the SPA400 was not working or pre-occupied, the outgoing call would route to the next available SPA400 FX0 port or SPA400 depending on the call routing setup..

This would also mean that it could roll to a second gateway SPA400 configured on a different SPA9000 line, say line 2, according to how the call routing is setup.

Maybe a smarter person than me, who monitors this community site, may know of a method to initiate a outgoing call on two different SPA400 at the same time, from the same initiator,  could take up this challenge.  Interested to follow this thread and see where it leads. :-)

regards Dave


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