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Hello All,

I currently have two CUCM 7 servers which are in a single cluster, and located across a WAN. Each has it's own MTP registered with the primary CUCM. Right now, the secondary cucm's media streaming services are all located in their own media resource group called "Backup", so each CUCM uses the primary CUCM's Media devices (MTP is the one I'm most concerned with). Is it possible, through TRP, or some basic config on my CUCM's to force the use of the local MTP, regardless of which endpoint, trunk, or device the cucm is communicating with. I still want all of my devices to point to the default MRGL, but i want my secondary to use it's local MTP if it happens to get a call, instead of the MTP primary CUCM. I hope this makes sense...

Any Ideas?

Travis Hegner

I have this problem too.
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Brandon Buffin Mon, 08/24/2009 - 12:04


I don't think this is possible with all devices using the same MRGL. Best practice is to create separate MRGLs for each location so that they will use local resources first and resources across the WAN if those are not available.

Hope this helps.


Therein lies the problem. The secondary, remote cucm is merely a backup system. All phones work from the primary, until it goes down. There is a possibility of an occasion where the primary cucm is up, but the calls will come into the secondary cucm. The secondary cucm is able to allocate the primary cucm's mtp devices, because it's still available, which will result in one way audio in my overly complex setup. It's not possible to split the config per server, because technically there is only one device to work with (sip trunk).

Ideally, I could set the "Default MRGL" sperately from the perspective of the cucm that was processing that particular call. Like a per server service parameter on the voice media streaming service, specifying the default mrgl, which could be over-ridden on a per device pool, then per device basis if need be. I.E. another step between the cluster wide default, and the per device pool config. Any cisco developers listening?

Thanks for the confirmation of what I suspected already anyway.



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