Nexus 7Ks HSRP Authentication

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Does anyone know if the HSRP for 7018s/7010s required an authentication? I have not configured authentication on my SVI, but the "sh hsrp" shows text authentication of "cisco".

Vlan2 - Group 1 (HSRP-V1) (IPv4)

Local state is Initial(Interface Down), priority 20 (Cfged 20), may preempt

Forwarding threshold(for VPC), lower: 1 upper: 20

Preemption Delay (Seconds) Minimum:180

Hellotime 3 sec, holdtime 10 sec

Virtual IP address is (Cfged)

Active router is unknown

Standby router is unknown

Authentication text "cisco"

Virtual mac address is 0000.0c07.ac01 (Default MAC)

3 state changes, last state change 2d22h

IP redundancy name is hsrp-Vlan2-1 (default)

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