IPCC Express - Importing Phone Books For Cisco Agent Desktop

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Aug 25th, 2009

Using IPCC Express 4.0(4) Premium and CAD 6.1(4)

I was wanting to import our corporate microsoft exchange global address book to be used by switchboard agents via Cisco Agent Desktop.

Can you import address books via Desktop Administrator? At first glance it looks like you can only manually add address books.

Any advice appreciated.

I have this problem too.
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A common question.

For your version answer is no - manual addition through the GUI only. There have been a few posts here on the same subject over the past couple of years.

I use CAD with UCCE and the facility is not available in Enterprise - I think Enterprise CAD leads Express CAD marginally on new features.

I believe some bulk import facility is either planned for a new version or is part of the very latest Express. Not completely sure, but do a search as I know something was posted here before.



cogden Fri, 08/28/2009 - 12:18

I just got asked the SAME question by a customer and when I responded with 'with the current version of UCCX and CAD which was 7.0(1) - this feature is currently not available.

The IT Director rolled his eyes and just couldn't believe Cisco would release a product like this that didn't have some kind of bulk import utility to populate a CAD agent's phonebook.

Maybe one day?


If the CAD software came from within the Cisco CCBU, I am sure bulk loading facilities would be there. It comes from Calabrio (formerly from SpanLink), and those features don't appear because (in my opinion), they did not have the mindset from the start of dealing with large contact centers.

There is also an annoying North American focus. For example, what if your CAD deployment spans a number of different countries in Europe where the agents want (no, need) the Agent Desktop in different languages?

Also, I believe they think their GUI is what everyone would prefer to use - and that's not the case.

There are a number of features in the Cisco Desktop Administrator (including phone books) that reflect this small contact center mindset.

1. Agent names are shown as first name - last name. No large contact center is going to work that way. ICM doesn't.

2. When you have hundreds of agents and a number of different workflows, it is not possible to see the workflow assigned to an agent in the list view. The team is there - but not the workflow. You have to open the properties of EVERY agent to ensure you have it correct. Very painful when you have 5 or 6 hundred agents and many workflows.

It is getting better, but there are shortcomings.



Amazing coincidnce. On point 2, I had a stress test today on a contact center I am bringing up next week with 500 agents and a couple of agents said they did not get the pop up for selecting a logout reason on exit. I knew that this meant I had not set their workflow.

Rather than the painful process of selecting each agent, double clicking to pop up the "properties" window and checking the workflow, I used an LDAP browser to connect in anonymous mode.

Then by selecting the Agent node I could search for "awg" (agent workflow group) and see the results. Then I exported the results to a file and searched the file with GVIM for "default". Then I corrected these agents using the Desktop Admin.

Saved me a lot of boring repetitive work.

My criticism stands - this should be available in the GUI.




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