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Aug 25th, 2009

I have a customer on CME 4.x who is having issues with their received call listing. Whenever a call comes in and is transferred to another user, the received call shows up as the calling number of the transferring party, instead of the external caller. Is there a way around this to make sure that the external caller's number always shows up in the received call listing? I can't think of one myself, but I'm hoping that one of you out there has run into this before. Any help that you can offer would be greatly appreciated.



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Rob Huffman Tue, 08/25/2009 - 09:16

Hi Steve,

Have you tried doing "Blind" Transfers rather than "Consult" Transfers?



slongewa Tue, 08/25/2009 - 09:53

Yes, Blind transfers work the way the customer wants them to, I was hoping that we could make consult transfers work the same way, I'm not sure if it's possible though...



Rob Huffman Tue, 08/25/2009 - 10:00

Hi Steve,

No, a consult transfer will always show the CLID of the person who trnasferred the call instead of the PSTN CLID. Whatever the IP Phone sees coming across it's display as the CLID will be what is shown in the Call History Logs.

Sorry man!



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