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We're installing Cisco Unity right now and the ONLY version of SQL server that Cisco is saying they will support with this product is SQL 2000 SP4. This was deprecated in April of 2008 and is out of regular support from Microsoft.

Now for a company like Cisco that prides itself on being the end-all for Network security surely they are not depending on a version of SQL server that is no longer supported by the manufacturer (AKA Microsoft).

Has Cisco Unity been replaced by a newer product line or is Cisco behind the power curve with security? Just wondering if maybe we're not looking at the right product anymore.

I have this problem too.
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Thanks Brandon. It's a little dissapointing that a respected name like Cisco would use out of support products but I understand. I was skeptical when they told me that it was SQL 2000 since it's been out of support for over a year.

So they haven't come out with a product replacement or other option they are trying to move people to instead of Cisco Unity? (Sorry I'm still shaking my head that Cisco would let this happen.)

Thanks Brandon,

Thanks for the link too.

It looks like due to the size of our company and some of the required feature sets we're stuck to the full Enterprise Unity software with the unsupported back end.

Cisco Unity 7.0

How soon is the 8.0 release coming out?

We were trying to get this installed by Friday but with the problems associated with our install it might be worth the wait.


lindborg Wed, 08/26/2009 - 08:34

Just to be clear, Cisco (and many other companies) have extended support contracts for continued support (including fixes if need be) from Microsoft on SQL 2000. Microsoft's support statement for the general public doesn't apply here. Since the SQL installation on the Unity server is specific and dedicated to Unity and any problem you have with that server goes through Cisco support (who can and will open cases with Microsoft as needed) there shouldn't be any issues with being "out of support" here.


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