dkirsch Tue, 09/01/2009 - 22:04

yes, as imported MIBs.

ACE appliance 3.x currently supports more SNMP OIDs for the probes than does the ACE module 2.x, but will ACE module 2.3 due by Q4CY09, they will both have same capabilities for probes monitoring.




INDEX: slbEntity, cslbxProbeName

For Probe State per Probe Name.

cslbxProbeState can have two values ACTIVE and INACTIVE

As part of reporting probe statistics per RServer the following OIDs will be added in the cesRServerProbeTable in CISCO-ENHANCED-SLB-MIB

Table Name:cesRserverProbeTable




INDEX: Probe Name, RServerProbe Statistics per RServer (configured probe).

This will display stats based on Probe Name per Rserver (Rservers are physical devices not associated with any server farm). Stats generated when probe is associated to a rserver.

Table Name: cesRealServerProbeTable




INDEX: Probe Name, Server Farm Name,Real Server Name, Real Server Port

Represents a probe associated with a real server directly. For example the following configuration adds an entry to the table.

As part of reporting probe statistics for probes that are assigned to real server/server farm the following table with the OIDs will be added in CISCO-SLB-HEALTH-MON-MIB

cshMonServerfarmRealProbeStatsTable: (New Table)




INDEX:Probe Name, Server Farm Name,Real Server Name, Real Server Port ,Inherited Port

Statistics for probes assigned to real server/serverfarm

tech_trac Wed, 09/02/2009 - 12:10


Could you please let me know any Cisco and non-Cisco tools to interpret the currently supported probe MIBs for ACE-20 Module.

dkirsch Thu, 09/03/2009 - 07:30

Cisco Application Networking Manager makes use of many/most of the MIBs in ACE-20 Module in both the Operations and Monitoring tabs. Version 2.2 is the current shipping product includes "drill down" into the probes information on the Monitoring tab area. In the forthcoming version 3.0 that is target for delivery in January a significant expansion of the monitoring functions including dashboards and graphing functions are introduced not only for the enhanced probe MIBs but for all monitoring features on ACE module and appliance.

As to other tools, any tool that can read SNMP-MIBs is capable of being used to read the probe MIBs for the ACE-20 Module.


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