Hide Unity 5.x default CoS?

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Aug 31st, 2009

I want to hide the Default Subscriber and Default Administrator Class of Service from the CoS options under the Subscribers/Profile page for some administrators. And I want to have those options available for other special administrators only.

I couldn't find any info on that in the Release 5.x System Administration Guide for Cisco Unity (With Microsoft Exchange).

The Default Administrator Class of Service is the one that I concern the most because if any SA administrators can select this CoS they will surely have a full control of the SA configuration.

Does anyone know if it is possible to make those default CoS' invisible for some but not all subscribers?



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Rob Huffman Tue, 09/01/2009 - 05:38

Hi Kevin,

You can hide the ability to change "all" COS settings for these "special" Admins, but not specific COS's.

For Unity 4.0.5 and later

Class of Service System Access Settings

Class of service system access settings specify which tasks, if any, subscribers including other system administrators can do in the Cisco Unity Administrator. You can customize access to Cisco Unity in several ways. For example, you can deny access to the Cisco Unity Administrator, or deny access to specific pages in the Cisco Unity Administrator, such as COS, subscriber, or distribution list pages.

When you deny access to specific pages in the Cisco Unity Administrator, the links for these pages are disabled for the subscriber. Alternatively, you can specify read, edit, add, or delete privileges for these pages, or can allow subscribers access to subscriber pages only for the purpose of unlocking subscriber accounts or changing subscriber passwords.

Before modifying system access settings for a COS, consider the best practices outlined in the Cisco Unity Security Guide. Refer to the "Best Practices for Modifying and Assigning Classes of Service" section in the "Accounts and Permissions" chapter. The guide is available at;


Hope this helps!


ktran-anet Tue, 09/01/2009 - 09:51

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your response. I know what you're talking about. But it was not exactly what I am looking for. Maybe my question wasn't clear enough. So let me try to explain again what exactly I would like to have. For example, I have 2 admin accounts, A and B. A has full power and is assigned to the Default Administrator CoS. B has less power than A and is assigned to a non default CoS. The problem I can see is that when B is logged in to the SA, B can still see the Default Administrator CoS under his subscriber profile page. Thus, he can still be able to switch his CoS to the Default Administrator CoS, saves it, logs out and logs back in and he will have full power just like A.

I want to hide the Default Administrator CoS so that B won't see it. And if he won't see it, he won't switch it.



Rob Huffman Tue, 09/01/2009 - 10:33

Hey Kevin,

I don't think my explanation was any good either :) If B is in a non default CoS can't you just lock down the ability to change COS's as shown in the attachment from randy in this good thread;


Hope this helps!


ktran-anet Tue, 09/01/2009 - 11:08

Let me show you something. As you can see from my screenshot (CoS.jpg), most configuration links on the left pane are disabled including the CoS. But on the right pane, this is where my profile is, if I expand the Class of Service drop down box, I can still see the Default Administrator there. This is the problem that I'm talking about.



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