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Sep 1st, 2009
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I've never used Cisco IOS, though I tried a number of routers for my small office LAN. I am considering CISCO877-SEC-K9 (Advanced IP Services). As far as I can tell from "Cisco Feature Navigator", it comes with IOS 12.4. I'd like to know if the device supports all of the following:

1) To capture and analyze all or selected IP packets coming through the WAN interface, not only the packet headers, but also the packet data?

2) The "Class A" IP adressing (say, 10.x.x.x)? Are there any limitations in this respect (for example, some routers allow Class C addressed only with 255 available IPs)?

3) An internal DHCP Server that allows at least 100 static MAC-to-IP entries?

4) An internal DHCP Server that allows manually configured DNS server addresses? For example, I want to autoconfigure the PCs on my LAN with DNS1=some.custom.ip.address and DNS2=ip.of.the.router.itself.

5) An internal DNS Relay that allows to use the router's IP as a DNS server address. The router would just forward the packets to the actual external DNS servers acquired through DHCP on the WAN interface (ADSL).

6) Multiple LAN subnets, say 10.x.x.x and 192.168.x.x?

7) A NAT firewall that allows virtual servers (for example, with wan.ip.address:80 forwarded to a SSL VPN router on the LAN)?

8) Content filtering by domain names?

9) The ability to work with an ADSL modem in half-bridge mode (when the DHCP network mask on the WAN interface is



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Giuseppe Larosa Tue, 09/01/2009 - 10:40
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Hello Nick,

1) no there is an embedded packet capture feature for 2800 and 3800 ISR routers but it shouldn't be supported here in 877.


you can use whatever private addresses you want it is your responsability who can access the internet with NAT and who cannot exit to the internet.


yes you can configure dhcp pool on the device.

4) yes set as attributes of DHCP pool

5)yes using ip helper-address dns-ip address on the internal lan interface.

6) yes and no some releases support only two vlans

7) to be checked

8) to be checked probably no

9) to be checked

Hope to help


cristalink Tue, 09/01/2009 - 12:56
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Hi Giuseppe,

Thank you for your reply.

1) According to the feature navigator, "Embedded Packet Capture" is present on 877 with IOS 12.4. I just want to confirm it's really available.

6) It's not about VLANs. I just need two subnets within the same primary "VLAN". I have many devices that don't support VLAN tagging.




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