TCL Script for Speed Dial

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Sep 1st, 2009

Interesting Challenge. The Speed Dail features of CME are too limited for dialing a number and th pause character is not honored in the dial strings when going to Digitial Lines (PRI).

We are looking for guidance on how to write a script that will allow u to dial a long string of numbers, inserting pauses and then pulling a number from the Standard Bulk Speed Dial Lists.

The business need here is to allow us to use a special INMARST dial service to dial our ships while they are at sea.


Dial 6201 on phone.

TCL dials

TCL Goes to bulk speed dial bin 6 and pulls 201. 201 containes the number 870324799465.

TCL then Dials 1-8886269696,1,xxxxxxx#,9870324799465) , where xxxxxxx is a numeric account code and th commas are pauses that we can define.

Here is a link to post that has the whole thing.

I have this problem too.
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