SPA525g SPA9xx Extension Mobility & provisioning

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does anyone have documentation how this is used

it seems when doing this it is trying to login to the provsioning page given in Profile_Rule

if using no Digest auth, the EM says it's logged in and will reboot the phone

if turning on Digest auth, it seems to fail to login with the given credentials, and so does the phone show

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William Childs Thu, 09/03/2009 - 23:02
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Are you talking about Extension Mobility for the UC5XX series product?

If you are then you have posted in the wrong place. Here is where it is better suited:

FYI: The SPA9xx phones are not supported on the UC5xx series platform. The UC5xx is a small business PRO product and is only compatible with small business pro and up phones (i.e. SPA5xx(G/SG) 79xx) The SPA9xx phones only support SIP for a call setup, not SCCP or SPCP.

For more info on SPCP go here:;jsessionid=8B6912DE05611E3BC6DEC17978DE1222

Hope this helps,


Alberto Montilla Fri, 09/04/2009 - 05:23
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Dear Sir;

Please find the information below. It should help.

Feature Guide: Extension Mobility on Linksys IP Phone (SPA942)


This document briefly describes support on the Linksys SPA942 for the Extension Mobility feature.  New configuration parameters are
listed and explained.  A guide is included for the user to enable and use this feature.

New Parameters:-------------------->Macros

EM_Enable           "No" ; #"Yes" or "No". Has no corresponding macro
EM_User_Domain  "" ;------->$PDOM
EM_Login_State  "" ;------->$EMS
EM_Phone_User_ID "" ;------->$PUID
EM_Phone_Password "" ;------->$PPWD
EM_Mobile_User_ID "" ;------->$MUID
EM_Mobile_Password "" ;------->$MPWD

Only two of the above parameters are viewable/editable from the Web UI; EM_Enable, and EM_User_Domain.  The corresponding macros are intended to be
used for provisioning.  The EM_Login_State parameter is internally set, and the possible values include "", "host", and "mobile".  EM_Phone_User_ID and
EM_Phone_Password hold user credentials for both static and host profiles.

User Guide:

* Profile Rule:

Example profile rule;

("$EMS" eq "mobile" and "$MUID" ne "" and "$MPWD" ne "") ? [--uid $MUID$PDOM --pwd $MPWD] $A | ("$PUID" ne "" and "$PPWD" ne "") ? [--uid $PUID$PDOM --pwd $PPWD] $A | $B

$A = dynamic login URL
$B = default profile URL
$PDOM = ""

This example is verbose, and can be modified as desired.

* HTTP Digest Authentication:

Authentication under provisioning process is now supported on SPA942.  Two options are required from the profile rule; "--uid" and "--pwd".  See
example above.

* User Interface:

When EM_enable is set to "yes," a "Login" soft button is displayed on the phone screen.  That button becomes a "Logout" soft button only when
EM_Login_State = "mobile".  In other words, the "Login" button is still present after initial login to download host profile.

The login screen has two text entry fields for the user id and password.  By default, numeric values are allowed.  To enter alpha-numeric values, press
the right arrow on navigation pad and press the "num" softkey.  The cursor then becomes a block, indicating alpah-numeric values are allowed.

If login fails, a message is displayed on the phone screen with two soft buttons, "retry" and "abort".  Abort is the same as login cancel.



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