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Sep 9th, 2009


Is there any way by which we could export the dn list,its call types and scripts associated to it to excel.We have almost 100 scripts out here with diffrent dn and call types and i need to document these information.I know i can use the call type association from the script editor but do we have any way by which i can export those information.

I have this problem too.
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david.macias Wed, 09/09/2009 - 22:56

So, there's no pretty way to do this. You you will have piece all this together from the AW DB. Look at the call type table, script table and you should have most of what you need. You could also reference the DN table to the call type table to complete what you're asking for.


I have lots of AWDB queries to produce the data joins useful for documentation of the "as is" state - agent team membership, agent skill group membership, call type-dn associations etc.

Haven't done exactly what you want, but it's pretty easy if you know SQL.

Here is an example of a query to get the dialed number - call type association. My peripheral ID is 5000, but season to suit. ;-)

select DialedNumberString AS DN, c.EnterpriseName AS CallType, d.Description AS DN_Descr

from t_Dialed_Number_Map m, t_Call_Type c, t_Dialed_Number d

where m.CallTypeID = c.CallTypeID

and m.DialedNumberID = d.DialedNumberID

and d.RoutingClientID = 5000

order by DialedNumberString

Your query would be a good one for me. I'll have a look at it and get back here.



Try this. Again, 5000 on my routing client.

select DialedNumberString AS DN, d.Description AS DN_Description, c.EnterpriseName AS CallType,

ms.EnterpriseName as ScriptName

from t_Dialed_Number_Map m, t_Call_Type c, t_Dialed_Number d, Call_Type_Map ctm, t_Master_Script ms

where ctm.Item = 0

and m.CallTypeID = c.CallTypeID

and c.CallTypeID = ctm.CallTypeID

and m.DialedNumberID = d.DialedNumberID

and ms.MasterScriptID = ctm.MasterScriptID

and d.RoutingClientID = 5000

order by DN




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