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Sep 10th, 2009
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Ok I am migration an customer from an Intertel 5000 to CUCMBE. On the intertel notifications worked like this:

New Message Comes In

Ring Notification Device 1

If they don't answer and listen to all new messages and new messages still exist after 5 Minutes call Notification Device 2 and then so on

In Unity Connection the best i've gotten is this:

New Message Calls in

Ring Notification Device 1

If User Doesn't pick up

Ring Notification Device 2 Immediately

If the user ignores the call and VM picks up the system seems to to count that as a notification and stops calling and i also see no way to create a delay between notification devices

Is there anyway to change this? anything I am missing?

Thanks for any and all help!

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Rob Huffman Thu, 09/10/2009 - 07:27
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Hi Matthew,

Just to add a note to the great tips from John (+5 points for this my friend!)

It sounds like the Intertel feature might be quite like this Unity Connection feature;

Cascading Message Notification

Cascading message notification allows you to send notifications to a widening circle of recipients. Cisco Unity Connection continues to send notifications according to the devices you selected until the message has been saved or deleted by a recipient.

For example, to create a cascade of message notifications for your Technical Support department, set the first message notification to be sent immediately to the pager of the front-line technical support representative. If the message that triggered the first notification has not been saved or deleted after a delay of 15 minutes, the next notification can be sent to the pager of the department manager. A third notification can be set up to call an employee in the Problem Resolution Group if the message is not saved or deleted after 30 minutes, and so on.

Note that when a user receives a notification as part of the cascade, the notification prompts the user to log on to the mailbox that is being monitored by the cascade.

An alternative to cascading message notification is to use dispatch messaging. For details, see the "Dispatch Messages" section in the "Messaging" chapter of the System Administration Guide for Cisco Unity Connection.

To Set Up Cascading Message Notification


Step 1 In Cisco Unity Connection Administration, find the user account whose mailbox you want to monitor with a cascading notification.

Step 2 On the Edit menu, click Notification Devices.

Step 3 On the Notification Devices page, select a notification device and enter the applicable settings so that it notifies a person in the recipient list for the cascading notification. For example, for the first recipient, you would enter the phone number for the pager that belongs to the front-line technical support representative.

Step 4 In the Delay Before First Notification Attempt field, enter the desired delay for the device, in minutes.

Space notifications between each device at regular intervals, such as every 15 minutes. For the first device you set up, consider specifying 0 as the delay so that the first recipient receives the notification immediately. For the device of the second recipient, specify 15 minutes. Specify 30 minutes for the device of the next recipient, and so on.

Step 5 If the notification device is a pager or phone, choose a value for the Phone System field such that Connection can dial out to the phone number of the user who receives the notification; this is not necessarily the same phone system used by the user whose mailbox is being monitored as part of the cascade.

Step 6 Click Save.

Step 7 Repeat Step 2 through Step 6 to set up another device for the next person on the recipient list for the cascading notification. Note that in order for the cascading notification to work properly, the same Notification Rule Events check boxes must be checked on all of the devices in the cascade.


Hope this helps!


mloraditch Thu, 09/10/2009 - 08:20
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Ok Rob, I get what your saying that will deal with both issues i think, i will test and try it out! Unfortunately John's info is only for Regular Unity, none of those options are in Connection (yet).

Thanks to both of you, i will let you know the results

Kapil Atrish Tue, 08/20/2013 - 14:53
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Were you ever able to get this working ?I need exactly what you wanted but I am getting the same results as you got initially.

i did trying playing around with various timers but my second device gets the call immediately.

This is my current setting:

On first phone:

Delay Before First Notification Attempt - 0 Minutes

On Notification failure - Send to Phone 2

Dial-out during Busyout and RNA is set to 0.

On second phone:

Delay Before First Notification Attempt - 10 minutes.

During my test, first phone gets the notification and if it doesn't answer, the second phone rings immediately. Seems Unity connection is not considering the Delay.

My Unity connection version:

Let me know please.



Rob Huffman Thu, 09/10/2009 - 07:42
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Hi Matthew,

I just checked on Unity Connection 7.1(x) to verify and these settings are there under>

Edit Notification Device > (Mobile Phone,Pager, Home Phone etc.) for the user in question



j.mccartney Thu, 09/10/2009 - 07:59
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If you go into the subscriber your trying this for and go into notification options you'll see the schedule about half way dow the page, scroll past that to "Notification Options" - click the radio button for "Repeat notification if there are still new messages after this many minutes:" and put in a number which represents the number of minutes in between notifications. Also you can configure what happens when the device doesn't answer.

hope that help.


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