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Sep 10th, 2009

Hello all,

We are in the process of implementing unified wireless network solution using WLC and WCS, to start with that we decided to upgrade all AP 1242 (C1240-K9W7-M), Version 12.3(7) JA3) Autonomous AP to LWAPP.

I gone through some of the Cisco documents, and found that we have to use Cisco's Autonomous AP to LWAP upgrade tool and recovery image. It would be great if someone assist me on below queries

1.LWAP associate with controller and it will get IOS image, if I want to upgrade only LWAP Image what should I do, also is there any option to see the LWAP Image (Version no etc….) on controller.

2.If LWAP get the Image from controller then what is the purpose of recovery Image.

3.Is it possible to upgrade an Autonomous AP which is on different subnet (Upgrade tool PC and Controller are on the same subnet).

4.What is the procedure for uploading .CSV file in to WCS



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Leo Laohoo Thu, 09/10/2009 - 15:58

A1: You can't upgrade to the LWAP IOS. The WLC "controls" the full IOS to all the LAP to ensure uniformity of codes.

A2: The recovery image (or rcv image) is a "lite" IOS that will allow the LWAP to boot up and search for the WLC. Once it joins the WLC, the WLC will query the AP for IOS code and, if required, upgrade/downgrade the code base on the firmware on the WLC. Meaning, if the WLC upgrades it's firmware then all the LWAPs joined to the particular WLC will get a new firmware.

A3: If you use the Upgrade Tool, yes. But you need to understand that the APs need to pull the image from somewhere else to load the rcv image first and then join the controller and pull down the full image next.

jamaludeen_s Fri, 09/11/2009 - 05:21

Thanks for your reply…. so you mean to say if I upgrade WLC firmware to 4.2 or later, Controller push the latest image to all AP is that correct???

Leo Laohoo Sat, 09/12/2009 - 17:32

That's right. The WLC controls the IOS the LAPs runn on. If the LAPs are running an IOS not equal to the firmware of the WLC, the WLC will change it.


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