CUPS not sync'ing a user from CCM correctly

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Sep 11th, 2009
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I have an issue where one particular user won't sync from CCM to CUPS. All other users are are ok and the CCM config for the problem user is all ok. When I go to CUPS Application\CUPC\User Settings the user is listed but without any devices or licensing allocated (there are two watchers however). The only thing I can see is that the username in CCM/CUPS closely matches an existing user - problem user is owens, similar user is owensk.

Has anyone experienced any problems with closely matching usernames ?



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Stephen Pearce Fri, 09/11/2009 - 07:51
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I pulled off the logs and have found the following error info -

2009-09-11 10:33:08,631 DEBUG [pool-1-thread-33] sync.AxlClient - ------------insert into enduser (pkid, passwordreverse, tkuserlocale, status, department, lastname, userid, tkuserprofile, firstname) values ('3024dcbd-1570-4630-ffc5-b5d825e8114a', 'add71823071179d4f7cf401d700e2f519920e302ca160fdc4ccd14d5c45e02cd', '33', '1', 'Sales Support', 'Owen', 'owens', '1', 'Sally-Anne')

2009-09-11 10:33:08,639 WARN [pool-1-thread-33] sync.AxlClient - SQL Exception(inserting): Error Code: -239

SQL State : 23000

Message : Could not insert new row - duplicate value in a UNIQUE INDEX column.

Error Code: -100

SQL State : IX000

Message : ISAM error: duplicate value for a record with unique key.

Doesn't mean alot to me but there is obviously some problem with a non unique (or similar ?) value that I'm guessing may be to do with the owens and owensk user id's. Does this help at all ?

PETER MARTLAND Thu, 01/28/2010 - 08:20
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Did we get to the bottom of this issue. I have CUMBE 7 with CUPS 7 and althouh nothing has changed I am getting:

'Sync Completed, but currently failed to connect to the CUCM Database Monitor'

If you restart the UC Sync agent on CUPS this starts working again, but will not update? NOt sure if u had the same issue but any new users dont get into the database on CUPS.

oddmunch9 Wed, 04/21/2010 - 22:59
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I am also experiencing this issue and can't seem to find anyone with an answer....

Surely someone has had the skillz to fix this problem?

2010-04-22 12:22:38,022 WARN  [Thread-6] sync.DbmonQueueWorker - SQL Exception(inserting): Error Code: -239

SQL State : 23000

Message   : Could not insert new row - duplicate value in a UNIQUE INDEX column.

Error Code: -100

SQL State : IX000

Message   : ISAM error: duplicate value for a record with unique key.

Aaron Harrison Thu, 04/22/2010 - 00:34
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Can you take a quick shot in the dark for me? I have a similar problem, wondering how similar it is...

SSH to the server...

Do this command and post back the file list:

File list activelog cm/log/Informix

Also what version of CUPS do you have?



Stephen Pearce Thu, 04/22/2010 - 03:25
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Ended up logging a TAC case and they got me to do some SQL queries on the command line of the CUCM and CUPS and there was a duplicate entry that they then gave me another SQL command to resolve. I've looked back but don't have the info any more. Was something to do with duplicate PKID entries.

Stephen Pearce Thu, 04/22/2010 - 03:34
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Just found the emails with the SQL commands, not all that clear looking back at them but did fix the issue -

From the CLI on both boxes, can we run these commands to check out which users exist in each database:

run sql select * from enduser where userid = 'coles'

Then with the output of the CUCM details, we should search on possible 'unique field' matches on the CUPS server to find the duplicate entry.

The unique field can be the PKID, userID, and sometimes mailid and ocsprimaryuseraddress.

If you send me over the output I can prepare some more commands - or if you're comfortable doing it yourself, we'll see something like this from the CUCM:

admin:run sql select * from enduser where userid = 'emtest'

pkid assocpc firstname middlename

lastname userid manager department telephonenumber tkuserlocale mailid status facsimiletelephonenumber mobile pager homephone title building site fkdirectorypluginconfig uniqueidentifier nickname deletedtimestamp

passwordreverse fkmatrix_presence tkuserprofile

fkcallingsearchspace_restrict allowcticontrolflag enablemobilevoice maxdeskpickupwaittime enablemobility remotedestinationlimit ocsprimaryuseraddress

50845cc0-6ffe-6e23-47d6-bda10240dd66 test

emtest NULL 1

NULL [email protected] NULL

ad243d17-98b4-4118-8feb-5ff2e1b781ac 1 NULL

t f 10000 f




PKID 50845cc0-6ffe-6e23-47d6-bda10240dd66

userID emtest

mailid [email protected]

ocsprimaryuseraddress 4

We can then check out the CUPS database using these fields and see what's returned, so we use the commands:

run sql select * from enduser where PKID = '50845cc0-6ffe-6e23-47d6-bda10240dd66'

run sql select * from enduser where mailid = '[email protected]'

run sql select * from enduser where ocsprimaryuseraddress = '4'

And see if we come back with an entry. This could be our offending entry.

If we find this, we can delete via root and sync again.

The PKID should stay the same throughout here. So we have an old, orphaned entry that should be deleted on the CUPS server, then the sync should work.

As for the cause, it's my suspicion that during a sync or integration with LDAP, the user was deleted/recreated, with a new PKID and this didn't sync properly with CUPS.

Also we can be sure that there's no issue with the CUCM database because the query:

admin:run sql select * from enduser where userid = 'owens'

comes back only once.

So we should delete this entry from CUPS. We can use SQL for this:

run sql delete from enduser where pkid = '90c4a576-d9ba-eb39-767c-5ff3cc035c55'

But if this fails with a 403 error because of LDAP integration, we need to get root access.

So in the case of an error, please also provide remote support details:

admin:utils remote_account enable

admin:utils remote_account create ciscotac 30

We don't need root if the SQL DELETE statement works.


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