Shared Line problem!!! Boss and Secretary!!!

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Sep 15th, 2009

Dear All,

We are using CUCM 6.12.

I have been trying to find a feature at CUCM that can solve the problem.

Recently, a lot of secretaries complain about shared line with their boss:

For instance, if first calls comes in to their boss' primary line, if the boss pick up first, everything is fine at that point.

Now second call comes into his boss' line, the secretary picks up the call, now she wants to know his boss on the phone or not by looking at the phone before transfer, but she cant tell.

Is there anyway to solve this problem by not installing/configure the proxy mode, coz I dont want to install Cisco Unified CallManager Assistant Console???? Our users are not smart at all, and always crash the PC.

I have tried to use shared mode or BLF, but it looks like there is no way can tell by looking at the phone for her boss' primary line status.


I have this problem too.
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rob.huffman Tue, 09/15/2009 - 05:32

Hi Ken,

This method was used in older 3.x builds before the Multiple Calls per Line was added in 4.x. If the Secretary has extra Line Buttons on their phone, this is a good solution :)

We still use this for some users who prefer the visual aspect of this setup;

This document shows how to use Partitions and Calling Search Spaces to configure multiple lines on one phone with the same DN. It is assumed that the user wants all incoming calls to start on line 1 and forward to subsequent lines if line 1 is busy.

Configuring a Single Dialed Number on Multiple Lines

Hope this helps!


Hi, Ken

why do you need a shared Line between the secretary and the boss ?

I would recommend to configure a separate line for the boss and a cfwd all to the secretary. With the "CFA Destination Override" Service Parameter she/he can always reach the boss. For the Line status you can configure a Speed Dial Busy Lam Field (in 6.1.2 with pickup :-)).



requiem1114 Tue, 09/15/2009 - 10:45


why do you need a shared Line between the secretary and the boss ?

Ans: Only boss' line shows at secretary phone because she can answer his line. Secretary line doesn't need to share with her boss.

With cfwd with "CFA Destination Override" set to true, it is a good idea. However, the boss won't able to answer his call if he wants to.

For the Line status you can configure a Speed Dial Busy Lam Field (in 6.1.2 with pickup.

I have tried that unless I am wrong. If her boss is on the call, the BLF status show "double phone icon" on her screen (note: it is 7960, so it wont light up as red color like 7961 or 7962".

So she cant really tell rather her boss on the phone or not when she picks up a second call, right??


Hi, Ken,

what about a Pickup Group with Notification for the Boss ? So he can see when a caller goes to the secretary...

With the 7960 BLF you're right, thats not the right phone for a BLF. But to be honest, if he's the boss... i do not think that 2 7962 will be a big problem ;-)

Sorry if i do not have a better solution for you.



requiem1114 Tue, 09/15/2009 - 10:30


We only use single button for our whole company, dont want to change to multiple line.

Thanks your help anyway. Any idea??



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