Downloading New Config to SR 520

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I previously posted about the inability to get a DHCP address from the LAN port of the SR 520.  I have set up another older laptop (I needed the serial port) and opened a session via the CLI.  The <show run> command yields a configuration file that looks nothing like the default config files from

I have tried <write erase> and then reload, but I end up with the same config file.

I am trying to TFTP using the pumpkin utility, but have not had luck placing the default configuration into the "startup-config" directory I created (it was not there).

Right now I am using the console port and the LAN ports do not service the DHCP requests.  Would I be able to copy the file over on the console port without having to set up the TFTP server?

Should I consider another route to get this resolved?

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