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Sep 16th, 2009
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Welcome to the Cisco Networking Professionals Physical Security topic. This forum will provide you the opportunity to discuss topics such as Video surveillance, IP cameras, Access Control, IP Interoperability and Collaboration System (IPICS). We encourage everyone to share their knowledge and start conversations about challenges you might be facing.

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tsteger1 Thu, 09/17/2009 - 14:04
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Nice! This is an important topic that is not as discussed as it should be IMHO.

Thanks for including it!

We have two factor authentication just to enter sensitive data areas and a third to gain physical access.

We also maintain Video surveillance with IP cameras in sensitive areas.

There have been some humerous videos as a result. ;-O


Michael Brown Thu, 09/17/2009 - 17:57
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I know that my 11+ (and counting) years at Cisco have provided me some information I can share with the Physical Access Control community! I look forward to some fruitful discussions.

- Mike


I am working on physical security over wireless mesh project in the next month or so and I had a couple questions regarding the cameras and design.

We are going to deploying the 2500 series wireless camera and one of the requirements is that the hosts on this network support PEAP with MS-CHAPv2 using a corporate certificate. Is this configuration available on the cameras today running the 2.1 revision of software? From the documentation that I read there are configuration windows available for EAP-FAST and EAP-TLS but nothing specific for PEAP. Can you shed any light on this support?

Are there any special considerations for IP Security over wireless aside from the normal requirements for IP Video?

samfielder Mon, 12/07/2009 - 15:53
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We have a new Physical Access Server and Video Surveillance Manager System integrated and in a testing phase.

We will have a central site with a dedicated VSOM/VSMS server. THe central site will also house the PAM server.

THe remote site will have a NM Module running VSMS and 4 CIsco 2500 IP cameras. That site also has a PAG, and keypads, device inputs etc.

I want to be able to trigger 20 second video clips to be archived whenever a kepad receives input. THese 20second video clips (and only those clips) should be backed up to a central site. The wont be able to store any video more than a looping archive at the remote site, and we dont want loads of data traversing the WAN (therefore, we only want to backup small triggered clips).

So far I have used a URL action to trigger from teh keypad in the PAM to the trigger an event in the VSOM. This is set to start a "clipped event" from the selected 1-hour looping archive. That 1 hour archive is set to backup events only to a backup server (set as teh IP of the central site VSOM server).

It doesnt seem to work as I thought it would. It seems to be backing up much more data than you would expect. In other words it seems to be sending a large contiguous backup to teh central site.

Please advise as to the best way to approach this problem keeping in mind our storage restraints.

Sam Fielder

ishaqkhan77 Sun, 01/10/2010 - 07:07
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Welcome all of you This Ishaq Khan from http://www.arwentech.com  pakistan

BY the grace of Allah we sucessfully deployed 200 cameras integrated to Cisco VSMS 6.2.0 we deployed 140 cisco 2500 series cameras with 60 Bosch Auto Dome 300 .

We installed Cisco VSMS ,VSOM and VSVM in three servers one RU and two 4 RU the big servers with 24 TIB storage going good .


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