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Just would like to know the supportability of PPP Network Control Protocol for MPLS(MPLSCP/TAG CP) in Cisco?

When another vendor sends MPLSCP Conf-request in PPP , Cisco side is dropping this message with the following debug message displayed:


> : Vi297 UNKNOWN(0xAAAA): Received short header, len 0, discarding packet"

The output packet from the other vendor router is :

Out MPLSCP, Conf-Request (0x01), id 14, length 6

Dont know how the differences in length is being displayed here in different routers ..

As of RFC 3032 ,there are no configuration options for MPLSCP.

ie, messages are of format:

> ([Protocol(0x8281)][Type(Conf Request)][Identification][length] <---

> Empty configuration parameters --->)

Any thoughts/inputs are highly appreciated..

Thanks in advance,

I have this problem too.
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Harold Ritter Thu, 09/17/2009 - 17:49

This has been supported and interoperates with many vendors for a very long time.

Which Cisco device is used. Which other vendor are we talking about here. Can you post the output of a "show interface" for this PPP interface. You might also want to run a "deb ppp error" to get more information.



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