CUCM is only sending 4 digit to the gateway/telco

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Sep 22nd, 2009

When are having some blocking calls when the phone is forwarded to an external number and called from an internal phone.

For example:

John's phone is forwarded to 9-1-AAA-AAA-XXXX. Jane calls his phone by dialing 4 digit and Jane get a timeout tone. We did ISDN Q931 in the router and it is showing that the number that is being sent is only 4 digit (Invalid number format (incomplete number)).

Jane can call directly 9-1-AAA-AAA-XXXX and the router will show the call is sending 10 digit or complete number.

It is also happening when we have a route pattern.

We have 9411 to be routed to 1800GOOG411. The call will fail to since it is only sending the 4-dgit number from where the callers call 411. The debug also shows that the sending digit is only 4 digit instead 10 digit.

In the other side, we can call 1800GOOG411 directly from any phones.



I have this problem too.
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David Undernehr Tue, 09/22/2009 - 12:06

I would start with:

Configure your External Phone number Mask

Ensure your Route Plan has "Use Calling

Party's External Phone Number Mask" checked

Also, check to make sure you have forward-digits setup on your gateway dial-peer.

iptuser55 Wed, 09/23/2009 - 02:22

Check the Call forward CSS of John`s phone. Since you can call the mobile number directly then the route pattern seems ok. Is there a block on calling mobile call via the call forward all- some companies may have set up the system to allow only 4 digit forwarding

sienz.sienz Thu, 09/24/2009 - 08:27

Can the phone company receive 4-digit instead of 10-digit?

I believe we did not make any changes in the system and it shows in the gateway that we are only sending 4 digit to telco when this happened.


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