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Sep 23rd, 2009

Hi Guys,

I'm currently studying for the CCENT, i really want to get this certification and set myself on a new career path. But I'm finding myself struggling a bit trying to understand Wendell Odom's Book "CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Official Exam Certification Guide".

I also bought a Boson version of the CCNA, and have absolutely no idea what it was on about to the point i was wondering if it was written in english.

The only other material i have is CBT nugget's video mentoring, which i had the most success in, but after doing some practice test, i find that I'm still lacking in a lot of "in depth" knowledge.

Can someone please recommend any other books for beginners? i have very limited knowledge in Networking, but i have been working in IT for the past 5 years mainly as help desk and desktop support.

Many Thanks in advance,


PS: Can someone please kindly tell me What is the average/expected time frame to study CCENT and passing the exam?

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I have this problem too.
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Dean Brandt Wed, 09/23/2009 - 15:49

Hi...I had the same issues when studying for my CCENT last year. I initially used Wendell's book and the Boson "utility". After a bit of searching and a few questions I also ended up at CBT, and loved it. Furtehr, take a look at, I found their help and product very good indeed.

I would also recommend purchasing your own lab gear....while Boson may work for some, I found it a little painful to be honest.

Timeframe? Depends how much time you dedicate to study really...difficult to suggest anythign without knowing that, but it took me 3 months, and i was studying 3 to 4 hours a day, every day.

ahmedhusseinak Sat, 09/26/2009 - 03:58

3-4 hours a day? ur really passionate..i passed my CCENT last month. now im gg to do ICND2..i am preparing myself to be as motivated as u....i am fired up, god willingly, i hope i get consistency as well...have u got ur CCNA?

Dean Brandt Sat, 09/26/2009 - 04:06

Yes I have my CCNA, I followed the same study pattern and the same study maerials for that as busy with CCNP and loving it...and...yes, still using CBT, and Chris Bryant's material.

Best of luck with ICND2...I am a big believer in the concept of "you will know when you are ready for the exam" just roll up and acquire the's just confirmation you know your stuff.

ahmedhusseinak Sat, 09/26/2009 - 17:47

Thanks man! All the best for you CCNP too. I have never tried CBT nuggets videos, but i have received rave reviews about it. Chris bryant videos are good as well. Yes, i agree with you. when one knows the stuff, he can answer whatever qns thrown at him. So i am going to be thorough in my work and be holistic. i think thats the point about this whole thing. no point studying to "pass". I wish you all the best for your CCNP. CCNP is way more fun than CCNA course. its routing, routing and routing. CCNA got too many theorotical stuff which can be annoying sometimes..can't wait for my CCNP!!

alliance_22 Sun, 09/27/2009 - 20:27

Hi guys,

Thanks for the update, i'm 1/2 way through Wendell's book, and after every chapter i've been doing the "Do I know this Already?" questions and getting most of them right.

So today i went to a book shop at lunch and attempted review questions from a different author "Stephen McQuerry" Also from Ciscopress, but failed to get over 60%...

The choose 2/3/4 gets me.. sigh. Might have to try out Chris Byrant too

ahmedhusseinak Mon, 09/28/2009 - 08:26

Dude, I was in your shoes before...dun waste too much money buying too many books. i can see that the Wendell Odom book is hard. I hated that also. But trust me, thats the best book you can get. its the most holistic CCNA book. If your finding thing's tough, then i suggest you get Todd Lamle's CCNA 640-802 guide. its one thick book. its more easier..written for ppl who are completely new. u can take a look at CCNA for dumbs at any library to boost your confidence. your confidence seem to have taken a knock and i can see y. Wendell Odom's book is not something which a newbie to network might wanna read. and last but not least, go through videos. Chris Bryant's training signal videos are easy to understand, very clear explanation for beginners like u and me. CBT nuggets is the best, but i have not used it. remember, the more u struggle, the better network engineer you become. its good to struggle. i took my ccent and passed in the first attempt. but i still am not thorough. so whats the point? imagine if i fail thrice and pass on the fourth attempt. i will be more thorough. but im not saying u should fail three times or anything, i know u wont. just dun lose your confidence and keep your morale up. dun just read videos.


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