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we are using IPCC 7.1.4,CVP 3.1, ccm 4.2.3, we had the CCMPG and the VRUPG and the CTIOS,CTI server located on the same machine.

we had two redundant sides A&B they were located at the same data center, recently we had moved side B to another location to activate the DR function of the system, after moving side B and started it up the system goes down and the PG gives error that the private network with the duplex partener is failed and the CVP gives error that time out waiting for icm instruction.

note: the same errors appear in side A PG if we switch to side B PG, so the two sides PGs will work fine if we aoperate one at a time

now we are operating the sides except side B PG.

note: we had the same heartbeats connection when the two sides were located at the same location, except for the cross over cable we had changed to strieght cable to be connected to the switch instead of directly between the servers, also we had 50 MB bandwidth between the two sides.

any help

I have this problem too.
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Let me see if I have this correct.

You had a pair of Roggers A and B; and a pair of PGs A and B, each running a Generic PG with a PIM for CCM and a PIM for CVP (maybe two), a CG and a CTIOS.

The private network between Rogger A and Rogger B was via a crossover cable on NIC2, with IP addressing set up on the NIC and configured in the ICM registry, using host names in a hosts file.

(I always use a hosts file rather than setting an IP address in ICM Setup so that if addressing changes I don't need to run Setup again)

Similarly, the private network between PGA and PGB was via a crossover cable on NIC2, again setting up private addressing on the NIC.

Now you separate the sides. The private network is now a real network through switches and possibly routers. You changed the addressing on NIC2 on each machine and in the hosts file.

But it's not working correctly.

Is the private network a routed network or layer 2?

If it's routed, you have to be careful. Because you can only have one default gateway in Windows, you need to build pairs of static routes (make them persistent) to ensure the private traffic does not go out the default gateway.

route add mask -p

Use tracert to ensure when you ping a private host name on the other side that it goes the right way.

Also, make sure that the binding order on all machines is set correctly with the public first.



hi Geoff

I had compared the two registry , and it is ok and identical, also I noticed that during the off peak hours the two VRUPGs are working fine together, I mean I can operate the VRUPGs of the two sides A&B at the same time and they are working fine, no any errors, the problem occur during the day when there is a real trafic(calls) once I activate the VRUPG of side B while A is functioning the system will immediately give you the default CVP critical error, and the CVP error 'time out waiting for ICM instruction'.

so accordingly I shifted back the VRUPG and connect it with side A VRUPG with cross over cable , and start the two PGs services and there was no proble at all. so when I shift it back again to side B the issue appear again.

we had layer 2 connection as I siad with 50 MB bandwidth,

note: one of the errors that I could catch from the VRU PIM process during the system stuck is "to router dialog fail"

waiting for help


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