Where to start with my Cisco Training Please help

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Oct 1st, 2009

I am sure this questions comes up a lot as many of us as you call "newbies" ponder upon these sites looking for a direction in which we can call a career path. I know there are many very well knowledged and killed guys and gals in here. So what better place to ask for advice then here. A little background on me I have my A+ cert to go with my useless bachelors in business. I just started a job for a communications company that handles VOIP and TDM traffic. I am a engineer in training right now I mostly work with Nextones and Telica aka Plexus 9000 switches. I would love to start a career path and eventually get my CCIE like many out there. I am currently getting ready to take classes to prepare for the CCNA exam this winter. But, not sure where to go after that. I read many forms and many suggestions. Some say to go for MCSE first before the CCNA then take the CCNP get some experience then start thinking about CCIE. But, then some say MCSE is worthless and its not needed. I definetly do not want to waste my time. I am not getting any younger and hope to reach my goal soon. Please help and thank you all in advance.

I have this problem too.
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hipohoneywell Thu, 10/01/2009 - 11:59

If your goal is to work with networking devices only, then the sugestion to forget about MCSE is valid. Your path should be CCNA, CCNP an after gaining experience CCIE.

That is my sincere opinion

grooveelements Thu, 10/01/2009 - 13:15

I appreciate the response. Let me ask you are you a CCIE cert ? I hear its pretty close to impossible goal. Of course its always good to aim high but I was told there are only so many CCIEs in the country. As for me I have very little networking knowledge and would love to someday make it this far. The only other concern is will CCNA fill me in for the basic networking knowledge? Or do I have to take other course prior to this? The college I am going for has a few pre requiste classes such as NETWORK DESIGN AND INTERNETWORKING FUNDAMENTALS, ROUTER FUNDAMENTALS, and then they get into the prep for the CCNA with NETWORK DESIGN AND CONFIGURATION. I am hoping these classes will build a solid foundation. I know to get a 89.9% passing grade for the CCNA is no joke either.

hipohoneywell Tue, 10/06/2009 - 13:06

No, I am not CCIE. I am CCNA, CCNP and network+ certify.

There are less than 20,000 CCIEs all over the world, I personally know a CCIE, and is just a matter of dedication, my next step is CCDP, because that is mostly what I do at work.

The CCNA program will help you build a solid network foundation if you go to the Cisco academy or an institute that follows it. Let me explain myself, the academy is a four module program Internetworking Fundamentals, Routing, Switching and Network Administration, every module is 3 months for a total of one year, that is solid as opposed to some institutes that pretend to teach CCNA in two or three months, unless is a one-on-one program I don't is fair to say a little course with probably 10 students spending 40 hours total can be call solid.

You seem to be interested and commited I undrestand is a little hard, I fail the CCNA test first time, but that didn't disappointed me, so go ahead the job market is bad for people without skills, IT jobs are always on demand and the salaries are very decent.

Good luck


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