How to report switches with no redundant uplinks

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Oct 6th, 2009

Hi Everyone, I've been asked to report on my 1200 device network on how many switches only have a single uplink. I've got LMS 2.6 and would appreciate any thoughts on how to generate a report to show this, best wishes, Mike

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Giuseppe Larosa Tue, 10/06/2009 - 00:32

Hello Mike,

if you use CDP in your network you could look for devices that have only one CDP neighbor without considering phones

sh cdp n | exclude SEP

Hope to help


mike.purdon Tue, 10/06/2009 - 00:39

Thanks for your response Giuseppe, I would like to discover all 1200 devices with only one uplink with just a few clicks of the mouse instead of several thousand clicks of the mouse. Is this possible using an automated tool like Ciscoworks? best wishes, Mike

Giuseppe Larosa Tue, 10/06/2009 - 00:48

Hello Mike,

I'm not an expert of ciscoworks.

However, it should be possible also using the equivalent SNMP MIB to poll all devices for this and to make a script that does the polling for you.

Hope to help


mike.purdon Tue, 10/06/2009 - 01:36

Hi Guiseppe, thanks again for your response. I've used the output from the Campus Manager discovery report and pushed it into Excel, by mixing around the neighbours column I've put it back into excel as a list which I could sort to show devices that only had 1 cdp neighbour, there were a few false readings but overall the technique has worked fine and I've discovered a third of my LAN switches have no second link. best wishes, Mike

glen.grant Tue, 10/06/2009 - 03:29

You could also do a batch report in ciscoworks using the show cdp neighbor command against all your switches . Any kind of show command you can basically make a batch report out of it .

mike.purdon Tue, 10/06/2009 - 03:54

Thanks Glen, I've seen the batch report option a tonne of times but never looked properly at it, I'll give it a try. best wishes, Mike


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