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QoS on a 6500

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I've been deploying QoS on a 6500 (IOS with a sup720) and I have a quick question. On an input policy-map you can't have a set dscp command and a police command, so how would you set a lower dscp for non-conforming traffic?

For example I want SMB traffic from the file server to be set to af31, but anything over 20Mb I'd set to CS1? Our server are plugged in directly to the 6500 so I'd like to mark their traffic right off their ports. I know you can do this on the lower end catalyst switches (3750)...how would I do it on the 6500's?

Correct Answer by Edison Ortiz about 7 years 10 months ago

Limitation on the 6500 hardware but you can use the police-dscp-transmit instead of set-dscp-transmit.

The police-dscp-transmit will use the mls qos map police-dscp table





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The problem with that is that it's assuming the traffic has already been marked...instead of setting a dscp value on the switch it's using "mls qos trust dscp"...which would require me to mark the traffic on the servers themselves, which I'd prefer not to do.

I've defined traffic on the switch through ACL's and I'm marking it through a policy, but I would like to mark it down if it exceeds a certain threshold.

It's looking like I have to mark it down on the uplinks...which kind of seems to defeat the purpose of marking input traffic in the first place.

Why can this be done on the 3750 and not on the 6500's?


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