Homepage Server Name changed from FQDN to hostname only

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Multiserver setup.

Although I haven't changed the hostnames...the application registrations and the certificates for each of the servers have been toggled between using FQDN and just shortname alone. Upon recommendation that we register the applications and generate the certificates using the short hostname, I have done so and reimported the peer certificates. In addition I had the FQDN listed as the Homepage Server Name in Home Page Admin > Settings. So it was also modified to show the shortname.

I also unregistered all remote applications.

Upon rebooting both servers, the LMS Portal had no portlets configured in it. It also had no radio buttons to select public or private view. I can access the pages by directly navigating the each applications URL (CS, CM, IPM) but the portal is just wiped out. I assume that is because the portal is based on the Home Page Server Name. Is there a directory where the old site's settings were stored?

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Yes...once before...then back to hostname today... in the past when changing from hostname to FQDN this script wouldn't run because the hostname didn't change.

LMS obviously knows the difference and behaves differently.

The hostnamechange.pl however doesn't appear to recognize the difference.

This whole concept has yet to be explained to me effectively.

I find it very important in a multiserver environment with multiple domains on campus. Some users are accessing the web interface from another domain so NIC settings don't append the right suffix when CiscoWorks only calls the link by its shortname.

Originally I was trying to get all the links to use FQDN.

LMS doesn't seem to like FQDNs at all.


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