Joe Clarke Wed, 10/07/2009 - 18:54
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If you're going to use IPM to configure IP SLA, all you need configured on your devices are SNMP read-only and read-write community strings. For example:

snmp-server community public RO

snmp-server community private RW

Of course, public and private are the typical examples, and you should use strings which are harder to guess. Once the devices are in DCR, then IPM can manage them. If they support IP SLA, then IPM will manage them as source routers, and allow you to configure collectors.

If you want to make any of them IP SLA target devices for use with UDP jitter operations, then you will need to configure the IP SLA responder as well. The actual syntax varies depending on the release of IOS. However, it will require one of the following commands:

ip sla responder

ip sla monitor responder

rtr responder

Only one will work on your device depending on the code version.


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